No More Bites! Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control in New York City

Solutions for eco-friendly mosquito control.

Mosquitoes thrive in warm temperatures, making them a common summer nuisance for New Yorkers.

Aside from being itchy and annoying, mosquito bites can threaten humans with a variety of diseases, such as Zika virus, Malaria, and West Nile.

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of mosquitoes yourself, you might know how frustrating it can be. Mosquitoes reproduce quickly and develop resistance against many chemicals used in store-bought sprays and repellants.

On the other hand, you want to be sure that whatever you’re using to kill mosquitoes won’t be harmful to your family, pets, plants, and any beneficial insects or wildlife.

Professional Mosquito Control Services in NYC

If you plan to spend time in your yard, rooftop, or other outdoor space this summer, MMPC can help you keep those pesky mosquitoes away.

We offer a comprehensive outdoor mosquito treatment program based on IPM and the latest eco-friendly mosquito control technologies.

  • EPA-approved, all-natural insecticides to kill adult mosquito populations
  • Scientifically-proven mosquito pods for long-term population control

We provide both recurring treatment options – based on your needs – as well as one-time mosquito control services for outdoor events. Typically, we recommend having your property serviced every 3 to 4 weeks, especially during peak mosquito season.

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When Is Mosquito Season in NYC?

Although mosquitoes can be a year-round problem, their activity peaks when temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

In New York, mosquito season typically begins in April and ends in October. Warm, humid climates allow them to develop faster, which means that they’re most prolific during the summer months, especially in May, June, and July.

Eco-Friendly Mosquito Control

The EPA and CDC encourage the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) as the recommended approach to controlling mosquitoes.

IPM focuses on environmentally friendly, long-term mosquito control. This approach uses a combination of methods to kill mosquitoes at all life stages and stop them from coming back. This includes:

  • Removing breeding areas
  • Killing larvae and eggs
  • Exterminating adult mosquitoes
  • Covering gaps in windows, doors, and walls

Pesticide use is kept to a minimum – only for targeted areas where mosquitoes are known to live and breed, which based on detailed inspection and monitoring.

A mosquito pod traps egg-laying females which provides effective eco-friendly mosquito control.

How Do Mosquito Pods work?

At MMPC, we use a special type of mosquito trap designed to kill mosquito larvae within a large area, stopping them from reproducing on your property.

Mosquito pods work by luring in egg-laying female mosquitoes and exposing them to an EPA-approved larvicide powder. This larvicide is a biological growth regulator that specifically targets mosquito larvae while being harmless to humans, animals, and beneficial insects.

The mosquitoes leave the trap carrying larvicide powder on their bodies, disseminating it to nearby breeding sites. There, the larvicide kills virtually all mosquito larvae present before they can develop and grow into adults.

In addition, the mosquito pods used at MMPC also contain an entomopathogenic fungus that weakens and kills adult mosquitoes. This fungus infects mosquitoes that enter the trap and kills them after several days, allowing time for the infected mosquitoes to disseminate the larvacide.

With this larvicide and fungus combination, mosquito pods are indispensable and eco-friendly tools that can significantly reduce the mosquito population within just 2 weeks of deployment.

About MMPC — Eco-Friendly Mosquito Solutions

At MMPC, we work closely with our clients to deliver discreet and customized pest solutions. We have over 25+ years of experience as a leading provider of effective and eco-safe pest solutions in the Tri-State Area. We’re proud to be named one of the “Best Exterminators in New York” by NY Magazine in 2021.

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