Bed Bugs

The 2021 NYC Pest Control Guide: Bed Bugs

These appleseed-shaped bugs are found almost everywhere in the Big Apple! Here’s what you need to know about dealing with bed bugs in New York City, including facts, prevention, control, and extermination.

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The ABC’s of Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs: Accuracy, Benefits, and Costs

Wondering if a canine bed bug inspection is a reliable way to check your home or building for bed bugs? In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the accuracy, benefits, and costs of bed bug sniffing dogs.

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Watch Out for These Common Fall Pests in New York (2021)

As the weather gets cooler this fall, indoor pest activity is bound to increase. This is part of many pests’ natural “overwintering” cycle- that is, the way plants and animals survive the colder weather. Here are some common fall pests you might catch in your apartment this season.

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How to Check for Bed Bugs: Performing a Self-Inspection of Your Home or Apartment

Perhaps you noticed an itchy bump on your skin, and the thought has penetrated your mind: Do I have bed bugs? This article will teach you how to perform a visual self-inspection to check your home or apartment for bed bugs.

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How to Deal With Bed Bugs at the Laundromat or Dry Cleaners

If you have a bed bug problem, what precautions should you take with your laundry to protect others? And if you don’t, how can you avoid picking up someone else’s bed bugs at these places?

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7 common signs of a bed bug infestation in your home or apartment

How Do I Know if I Have Bed Bugs? 7 Early Signs to Look Out For

If you’re concerned that you might have bed bugs in your home, it’s worth understanding and familiarizing yourself with early warning signs. In this article, we’ll review the 7 most common signs of bed bugs and explain how to check for them.

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Bed bug pheromones have a distinct odor.

What Do Bed Bugs Smell Like? — An Entomologist Explains

You might have heard that bed bugs have a musty, sweet smell that’s similar to coriander, cilantro, or raspberries. While this is technically correct, if you’re going around your bedroom sniffing for bed bugs based on this description, you won’t find them. Here’s why.

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The many places bed bugs hide.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? — An Entomologist Explains

Wondering if and where bed bugs might be hiding in your home or apartment? In this article, we’ll discuss common places where bed bugs hide and how you should be looking for them.

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Entomologist explains how to identify bed bug eggs

What Do Bed Bug Eggs Look Like? — An Entomologist Explains

Finding bed bug eggs helps us determine where bed bugs are coming from and the severity of the infestation. If you’re trying to spot bed bug eggs at home, or if you’re wondering what they look like, read this article to find out.

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The facts and myths of bed bug bites

The “Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner” Sign of Bed Bug Bites: Fact vs. Fiction

The so-called “breakfast, lunch, and dinner” sign of bed bug bites has become somewhat of an urban myth. This type of feeding behavior is actually very rare, and seeing 3 bites in a cluster or line is far from being a definitive sign of bed bugs.

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