Pest Proofing

Pest proofing, also known as pest exclusion, is an eco-friendly technique which prevents pests from entering your living space. By creating these barriers, you will eliminate any need for pesticides and can take a proactive approach to pest control. Mice, rats, roaches, and other pests often make use of small cracks and crevices for harboring and moving between apartments or buildings. Therefore, it is very important that our technicians or yourself, if you choose to do the proofing yourself, be diligent in sealing cracks even up to ¼ or 1/8 inch in size.

At M&M, we have technicians that specialize in pest proofing. They will search your premises and pull out appliances (with the exception of large sub-zero fridges and heavy appliances wedged into cabinets) to seek all possible rodent entryways and seal them. We make use of steel wool, expanding foam, clear caulk, and metal plating to effectively close up the entry points that we find. For major structural repairs such as replacing missing drywall, flooring, tiles or repairs in need of professional carpentry work, or if there are custom built-in appliances, speak to your superintendent or plumber to help disconnect and thoroughly proof them.


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