Our Custom Bed Bug Programs

We create customized solutions for each and every individual customer. By speaking in depth with the customer, and evaluating all of the terms of their bed bug problem, we are able to prescribe a comprehensive treatment program to solve those problems for good.

The first step usually involves determining that the problem at hand is actually bed bugs, which is a factor best determined by bed bug detecting canines. At M&M, we work with teams of NESDCA certified canines who are 98% accurate in determining the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs. If you’re thinking that you may have bed bugs after having come into contact with a suspicious insect, we offer free Insect ID services in person at our location, or with a picture over email. We work with a team of seasoned entomologists, all explicitly trained to help determine exactly what kind of bug you’re dealing with.

If bed bugs have been confirmed, our next steps will be to evaluate the premises to determine the scale of the infestation. We offer extremely detailed pre- and post- treatment instructions, and will go through a detailed explanation of your many different treatment options so that we can work closely with you, helping to determine exactly what the correct solution will be for your bed bug issue.


Privacy Policy

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