Smart, responsive, and completely professional

Jasyn L.


These people are smart, responsive, and completely professional. I thought I had a bug problem, emailed them a picture at 4 am, and got a response 10 min later. They have been incredibly helpful, even when it has been at no benefit to them (ie they do free pest ID- you would think they might not be so responsive or careful in their work, but they are amazing). I went in yet again with another bug scare, and they were very responsive, friendly, and took time and effort to address all my questions and concerns. I hope I never have an sort of real bug infestation- but if I do, I would not hesitate to further use their services.

Worth every penny!

Derya C.


First of all, their e-mail system is extremely helpful and makes it so much easier to communicate with the operators. Megan was really nice and after having me send pictures and explain everythig through her questions, she recommended options for me and set up my appointment.

The exterminator was very nice and he carefully explained everything to us and actually cared about our solving our problem rather than just spraying and leaving.

Only one day later, no bugs to be seen.

Worth every penny!

Another great review for M&M

Lil C.


Another great review for M&M. I had a flying beetle problem and had narrowed the possibility down to 2 types. I emailed M&M the photos of the bug and within 2 hrs Tim confirmed which of the 2 types it was. He asked me a bunch of questions and asked me to send photos of my kitchen, all under the sink, the whole apt. In the process of taking these photos I actually found the source of the problem – some spices – and tossed those. Tim then spoke to me for a good while on the phone telling me how to make sure I got rid of any stragglers. How often does an exterminator tell you you DONT need to use insecticide? I love that they focus on green methods.

Anyway, he told me just vacuum and wipe everything down with rubbing alcohol, and when I asked about traps (I had read there are sex pheromone traps that really do a good job at killing beetles) he said he had some and gave me a good price. He then spent more time talking to me at his office answering more of my questions. And he gave me some advice based on photos of my pipes for how to seal things up to prevent possible future problems with other unwanted visitors. It’s nice in NY to find a company that has nice knowledgeable people who don’t try to take advantage of you.

One guy in the office had a web page up with bugs on it, haha, so it seems like these guys are really ‘into’ bugs and know their stuff. I wouldn’t even consider anyone else for any future problems. I spoke to 2 other people at the office besides Tim and they were both nice.

3 hour turnaround!

Christina N.


A++++ experience, amazing customer service, professionalism, competitive pricing. Highly recommend. My apartment needed a clean bill of health indicating it was critter free to prepare to sell. I went to M&M based on yelp reviews. First call to M&M was at 2pm and the report with the results of the inspection was emailed to me by 5pm that afternoon after the inspection. 3 hour turnaround! Raymond took my call and coordinated the inspection and Loren completed the inspection with a pooch. Both called me throughout the afternoon to appraise me of the process and could not have been more professional or courteous. Cannot say enough good things about M&M.

On-top, aware, and thorough

Mitsuko B.


M&M Pest Control is absolutely on-top, aware, and thorough.  I emailed them in the middle of the night, sent them a sample through their online form, and heard back from someone immediately (sometime between 1am and 2am).  They asked many questions which was helpful because they were trying to understand the details of the situation before taking action. I only chose to contact them because they had the highest rating and had many Yelp reviews.  If you need someone—I highly recommend them! They want to get the job done right, and not just spray and make some money.  Timonthy was so helpful and in constant contact with me with thorough instructions via email.

I called the right place and they know what they’re doing

Susanna M.


I haven’t even had the work done yet but I pretty much agree with the rest of the reviewers. Timothy is very professional, informative and friendly. (He’s actually quite funny too) His communication is on point, which is super important as the company’s front line. I guess when dealing with pest problems, a customer is already a little stressed out I feel confident that I called the right place and they know what they’re doing.

Amazing customer service, knowledgeable staff, and EFFECTIVE.

Travis N.

Had a very small water bug problem after some long-term construction next door and lots of rain. Checked the options, read the reviews, and emailed M&M. SUPER fast reply, lots of information to diagnose the issue. Timothy didn’t try to oversell or scare us. Two dudes showed up and Took Care of Freakin’ Business. They sealed up the entry points, set a few traps, and told me what was going on every step of the way. I felt assured and confident, and most importantly, knew that I didn’t have to worry about my dog getting to a bunch of terrible poison.

One month later, and not a single bug.

Amazing customer service, knowledgeable staff, and EFFECTIVE.

Never again go to any other exterminator!

Sanda F.


Tim is one of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken with! Thankfully though I didn’t wind up needing his services 🙂 It was well past midnight and I had a rash of bites on my arm and being a ny-er I automatically assumed those nasty little bugs! So I hopped on yelp and looked for a recco… emailed them and literally a few minutes later got a call back, “is it too late?” – “no, not at all” “if you send me pics of the bites I can tell you what we’re dealing with” sure… and he did … called me right back – almost 1 am at this point – and said not bed bugs, go to a derm in the am and get some cream, then get the couch steam cleaned (emailed me some names and numbers right away) and said all will be fine! – The worst part is i didn’t get to meet the cute little pups, guess I should count those blessings 😉 Thanks guys! If and when I need or anyone I know needs – I WILL TOTALLY RECOMMEND YOU! Never again go to any other exterminator! If your landlord sends someone else in, call these guys afterwards!

Very responsive. Lots of integrity. Great ‘bedside’ manner.

Jacqueline S.


Short of it: very responsive. lots of integrity. great ‘bedside’ manner.

Long of it: Late on a Monday night, I submitted an online inquiry or called in (I forgot which) because I had a red rash and suspected bed bugs. Within 2 hours, at around 11:35pm  I got a call from Tim, after sending him pictures of my “bites” he told me he thought they *could* be bed bugs, but wasn’t sure and that I should contact my Dr first just to make sure it wasn’t something medical. Cue shrill panicking. Tim assured me that everything has a solution, and whatever it was could be solved, and to let him know what the doc says. Next am, the derm tells me it’s a mild, non-contagious skin virus called Pityriasis Rosea. Emailed Tim. His response “That’s terrific news,I’m glad you do not have bed bugs as well. As always, don’t hesitate to contact me if you ever have a question or pest concern.” With my level of panic, the guy could easily have ripped me off for an inspection and fumigation — I’d definitely recommend M&M, lots of integrity and acts in the best interest of the customer.

One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in NYC

Lisa M.


From start to finish, this couldn’t be a more professional, knowledgeable and all around great company. Shaun was my first point of contact and she was so pleasant on the phone allowing me to tell my whole sob story, never jumping to conclusions but rather providing me with information and slowly walking me through my different options. She was able to set up an appointment for an inspector to come out that day (within 2 hours!) which was phenomenal. Then Stanley and Speckles showed up at my apartment on time and were so professional and thorough and honest. Luckily, my apartment was bed bug free, but Stanley still took the time to walk me through prevention steps for the beetles and other tips and tricks for my mattress, windows, etc. He spent 20 extra minutes with me just giving advice about useful preventative products and other helpful information without trying to sell me a single M&M service. They are also all about eco-friendly methods of ridding your home of pests which is always a huge plus. One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in NYC. Thank you M&M, Shaun, Stanley and Speckles!

Also, Speckles is adorable.

Prompt and informative

George P.


I woke up this morning and saw a really small black bug. I freaked out. I took a picture of it and took a 30 second video of it and emailed it M&M. Within 10 minutes they wrote back the following response:

“Thank you for your website inquiry. From the photo that you have attached, this insect is not a bed bug but rather a shiny spider beetle, which is a relatively harmless stored food product pest. You may want to inspect any newly purchased flour, rice, tea, etc that might have carried the pest in. They do not bite humans, but can often be found indoors around utility lines. If you would like to send the video, please feel free, but I feel confident in saying that this insect is definitely not a bed bug.”

Then I sent her the video and she further confirmed that it was not a bed bug. Thank you so much for being prompt and informative.

They turned a stressful experience into a manageable one.

Liz G.


M&M was amazing. My apartment-mates and I decided to call M&M based off all of these fantastic Yelp reviews and I am so glad we did. One of my three roommates came home with several bites on her legs after spending the night at her boyfriend’s place, which made us all a bit nervous. When she found more the next day, we decided to call a few places to get estimates of what a dog inspection would cost. Not only was M&M the best rated, but they also gave us the cheapest estimate ($250 + tax for our tiny 500 sq.ft. apartment). The very next day Stanley (the inspector-man) and Speckles (the inspector-dog) showed up right on time dressed in unassuming clothes (a plus, if you don’t want to freak out your neighbors). Stanley graciously and patiently explained to us what was going to happen and what he needed from us. We left the apartment so he and Speckles could do their thing and we came back half an hour later to great news — no bedbugs! The only questionable thing in our place was a unusually high number of dead mosquitos…guess we left the windows open too much. Stanley walked us through the whole thing and pointed out ways to ensure our bedbug-free apartment would stay that way. When the business was all done, Stanley humored us by letting us play with the dog and ask him questions about his work. If you’re thinking of getting a dog, go with M&M! They turned a stressful experience into a manageable one.

I highly recommend them

Kate F.


I called M&M this morning after finding what I thought were roach larvae. The dispatcher took my info and assured me I’d get a call between 12-2 today (2 hours after I called). At 11:30 (1/2 hour earlier than expected!!!) Tim called, I sent him photos of my apt and the larvae I found and he helped me identify them and then find several solutions to my problem. What a service! I highly recommend them. PS- it turned out to be carpet beetle larvae.

I love the prompt and quick service

Michael A.


Timothy was able to identify the bugs I encountered in my home.  I called up because I found a bedbug like pest on one of my glue traps.  Timothy went step by step of what was going to be done as far as the appointment was concerned.  Herbie and the dog dexter was fast to the appointment.  Herbie and dexter searched every nuck and cranny and gave me the good news that I didn’t have bedbugs.  They did their inspection a a month ago and currently (cross my fingers) I haven’t encountered a bedbug as they were correct in saying there were no eggs or other bedbugs in the house.  I emailed timothy other bugs and he answered my email for free and identified the bug and advised me if they would be harmful to me or not.  I love the prompt and quick service and I will use this company for all my pest needs.

If, for any reason, I need an exterminator — there is no doubt M&M will be the only call I make

Patricia C.


I’m writing based on a telephone conversation I had with Tom less than an hour ago.  Background:  I was born in Brooklyn but raised in suburban NJ, so I have never seen a waterbug or cockroach in my entire life.  That changed last night, when a HUGE waterbug was found on my shower curtain.  Kill me now.

After killing it, not sleeping at all the entire night, and reading up on waterbugs and roaches online,  I was convinced that I now had an infestation that would slowly kill me and my little dog, Alfie.  Called my property manager who was LESS than helpful, told me an exterminator will come a week from Saturday.  Sorry, but no… I cannot wait that long and lose a week’s worth of sleep.  I called M&M for help — not only did Tom completely calm me down and explain to me the differences between this kind of roach and the ones that I read about on the internet, but he also explained where it likely came from and how to prevent it from happening again.  He asked me to email pictures of my apartment so he could get a better idea of what I am dealing with and so he can detail what my remediation efforts should be.

As soon as  I get home tonight, I’m sending him the pics and will hopefully speak with him tomorrow.  But the simple fact that he spent 20+ minutes on the phone with me going over everything about my apartment and the bug, without me making an appointment for him to come out to the apartment and cough up a single dollar, was awesome.  Such a huge help and definitely a person who actually cares about his customers and their problems.  If, for any reason, I need an exterminator — there is no doubt M&M will be the only call I make.

Call this guy. For real.

Nancy G.


It’s not possible to say enough good things about someone–Timothy Wong, the owner of M&M, in this case–who bends over backwards to help, but never collects a dime, because…he’s an honest businessman, and he’s not about to give a false bedbug diagnosis just to make a buck.

To back up a few weeks:  there I was on a Saturday night around 10:30 freaking out about whether the dead bug I’d found on the bottom of my boxspring was a bedbug. I took up M&M’s offer (on their website) to send in a photograph of the damned thing, and almost immediately got a response. “Unclear picture. Would I please try X?” No luck. “Would yo please try Y?” None. And then, after the third failed attempt, my phone rang–and there was Tim to talk me through what was happening. Since he still couldn’t make out the bug in the poor quality photograph I kept sending him, he instructed me to Google the name of another small bug, and….there it was: my “bedbug” (luckily NOT).

That would have been enough for me, but Timothy also checked back, correctly diagnosed the issue, gave me free glueboards so I could continue monitoring the situation, plus some helpful legal advice in the event that I ever do need my landlord to exterminate.

I’ve no doubt that Timothy and his crew are fantastic at what they do when they’re actually called in to exterminate. In the meantime, I think the world of him for being an honest expert who won’t take a dime when it’s not warranted. Call this guy. For real.

I was extremely pleased with the service

Kevin W.


Yelp was right again.

I found this place after doing a search for pest control companies.  I saw the solid reviews and decided to give this place a try.  I was extremely satisfied with the service they provided.  The folks on the phone were extremely helpful, patient and gave very clear explanations of the fees and services involved.  Thanks to the solid first impression, I felt very comfortable with making an appointment with a dog inspector.

Fast forward to a few days later and the inspector (Herbie) came with his little bed bug sniffing partner (Dexter).  Not only were they extremely punctual (which was a surprise given that most times I end up waiting for any kind of technician to come over my place) – but the inspection was extremely thorough.  Herbie checked every nook and cranny of the house as part of the visual inspection, and Dexter literally sniffed every single inch of the apartment for bedbugs.  Luckily there were no pests on site, but Herbie did discover some issues with the apartment.  He offered lots of good advice about what to do and how to patch up these issues in order to avoid future pest problems.  I can’t say enough about how smooth the entire process was.  Also bonus points for the lack of unnecessary paperwork (all of it is done via email).  It just made the entire experience very pleasant.

I’m not sure about the reviewer who gave this place a 1 star claiming they didn’t do any type of visual inspection.  In my case, the visual inspection took just as long as (if not longer than) the actual dog inspection.

I was extremely pleased with the service and would totally recommend this establishment to anybody who’s worried about bed bugs and is looking for a reputable pest control place to check things out.

It is a business model to be followed

Cindy W.


Just had a bedbug scare for my grandma’s apartment in Queens when a friend staying there woke up with bumps on her forehead and arm.  Upon inspecting the mattress, we did not find any bedbugs but we wanted confirmation so I contacted my management company for pest control.  Since it was Sunday, most places were closed until I came across M&M.

I went on their website and contacted them through email and uploaded a picture of “bug” we found in the tub.  It was a great feature that they allowed people to send pictures as many of the websites I visited did not have such feature.

Within a minute (no joke), I got a call from Raymond and he gave me their email address as the picture did not come through via web form.  After I sent the information requested, it took only about 2 hours for Raymond to get back to me with good news – that it was only house centipedes and not bedbugs.  He suggested cleaning all the sheets and areas around the bed to see if situation improves.  If not, they will send out the dog.

I really appreciated their business ethics and responsiveness towards my problem.  It is a business model to be followed.

Very professional, knowledgeable, and patient

E. C.

I had a mysterious itchy rash on my forearm that started 3 months ago and so when I found small bugs on my carpet, I thought (more like freaked out) it was a bed bug.  I had Stanley from M&M come out with his dog, Speckles, to do an inspection.  The bugs I found were not bed bugs but rather carpet beetle larvae and my house was clear of any bed bugs.  Stanley was very professional, knowledgeable, and patient to answer all my questions.  I cannot speak for how thorough the inspection was because I was not allowed to “observe.”  However, I had a pleasant experience with them and would highly recommend.

I recommend them to anyone who needs their help!

Kristen W.


the first time i saw a roach in my apartment i gave myself a little pep talk: “you live in NY now. toughen up.” but after the second, third and fourth time and then a mouse sighting (!!), there was no amount of toughening up that was going to make the situation ok. cue tim and M&M.

tim is very responsive, easy to schedule appointments with and really friendly. he first stopped by to do an assessment where he examined all of the nooks and crannies of my apartment to see where critters could squeeze through. as he was working his way through the apartment, he gave me lots of background information on, well, bugs. this guy knows his stuff.

after deciding that there were quite a few areas that needed to be sealed up, tim scheduled another appointment for the following week for his team to come out and seal and spray. i met his 2 colleagues at my apartment and after a quick run through, they got to work. a couple hours i came home to a clean and pest free home. the spray they use to exterminate is safe for humans and odorless, so i didn’t notice it at all when i got home.

fast forward a month now and i have not noticed a single bug, rodent or otherwise. while i hope i never have to work with M&M again, i recommend them to anyone who needs their help!

M&M was the only thing that calmed me down

Rachel D.


I had a bed bug scare around March this year (which apparently makes me a true New Yorker as this is one of the obstacles in the rites of passage, at least according to my friends who’ve lived here for decades). The management in my building had a contract with an agency that took care of it but for the first two weeks, when i was freaking out and trying to gather information, M&M was the only thing that calmed me down.

I explained the situation to them fully and went into their office since I lived really close, they stayed open late for me in order to give me information and simple sticky pads to put around the bed to catch these little buggers. They were so patient, even after I explained that I most likely would not be able to pay them and use their service, they still said to call them with any questions and were so patient!

I highly recommend this company to anyone who may be experiencing bed bug problems. It really does take a professional to figure out the problem, and if you treat it early, they can be gone as easily and as quickly as they’ve come!

EXCELLENT and quick customer service

Caroline E.


This company is so great and gives EXCELLENT and quick customer service.  If you find a bug and a worrying about what type of bug it is you can either send them a photo or take the specimen in to their office for it to be identified and put your mind at ease.  They will also tell you if it is a bug you need to worry about.  For instance today I found a bug while cleaning my kitchen.  Snapped a shot of it and uploaded it to their site.  Within five minutes Timothy had responded and let me know that it was a cockroach nymph and that I shouldn’t worry unless I begin to see more.  I have used them for bug identification multiple times.

Money well spent for peace of mind

Eric D.


These guys are great. I woke up with very itchy bites on my arms and legs a few nights over a couple weeks. Being a bit of a hypochondriac,I called M&M. They explained how I could monitor the situation but I was in a hurry to find out what was going on because I had overnight guests coming. The next day a man and a beagle showed up on time and did a thorough check and gave me the all clear. Money well spent for peace of mind. The guy was calm and reassuring and kept asking me if I had any more questions and he refused a tip.

I had a TOP NOTCH experience with M&M Pest Control

Julie J.


I had a TOP NOTCH experience with M&M Pest Control, so naturally I am going to Yelp about it.  It’s been about six weeks since I’ve used their services, so I feel pretty comfortable giving them 5 stars at the moment.

Almost two months ago I noticed that I had random itchy bite marks on my legs and only  my legs.  The interesting thing was that they weren’t so random and were in a line or three or four bites at a time.  Knowing what I know about bed bugs, I immediately panicked and turned to Yelp for a bed bug expert.  Enter M&M Pest Control.  I called up and spoke with someone who took my name and number and told me that someone would call me back shortly.  It must have been about 20 minutes and I received a call from Tim.  He was very calm, asked a lot of questions and basically tried to dissuade me from being impulsive and having them inspect my apartment without having any actual evidence of bed bugs.  In his opinion the bites could have been from any bug.  I told him I didn’t care and I wanted them to come ASAP.  We arrange for someone to come that night and inspect my apartment as well as my neighbors (we practically live at each others places so it just made sense for us both to get checked).

I will have to go back and look at my paperwork to tell you which dog(s) checked out my apartment, so for now they shall remain nameless.  Anyway, they showed up and did a very thorough inspection of my apartment by using both the dog and a visual inspection.  No hits.  Bed bug free.  I felt better and could sleep at night.  The only thing that was recommended was that I get mattress and box spring protectors because it could be mites that are biting me.

Two days later I received three more bites on the back of my legs, so I obviously panic and email Tim.  He and I corresponded back and forth and he sent over someone with another dog to inspect my apartment AGAIN (free of charge!)!  Again, thorough inspection – if not even more thorough than the initial inspection.  Not hits.  Bed bug free.  Also, Tim gave me a bunch of bug traps to put around my apartment to see what kind of creepy crawlies I have lurking around and all I’ve found are a few carpet beetles and a fly.

Since I’ve put the protectors on my bed and switched to white sheets and bedding I’ve been bite free and I’m sleeping like a baby.  I guess it really was mites?


I just cannot say enough good things about M&M Pest Control

Jillian K.


I just cannot say enough good things about M&M Pest Control. Tim, Herbie, and everyone else at the company are generous, honest, reliable, and professional. Here’s the story.

A few weeks ago, my fiancé and I had an overnight guest who woke up with mysterious red spots on her face. We’ve all been thoroughly traumatized by the constant fear of bed bugs, so we immediately freaked out and called the first bed bug inspection company we looked up.

It was not M&M. That was a big mistake.

The first company sent over a dog and handler to do an “inspection,” and the whole experience was terrible and unprofessional. The handler stomped all over our furniture and bedding in her shoes, seemed hostile and distracted the entire time, and answered every single one of our questions with, “I don’t know. You’ll have to call the office.” She didn’t even do a visual inspection; instead, she let her dog do all the work.

Simply put: it did not inspire confidence.

Enter Tim Wong, the director of M&M Pest Control and my freaking hero. I had actually talked to Tim once before, about eight months earlier, when David found a shiny spider beetle in our shower and we freaked out (of course). But Tim looked at a photo, reassured us that it was not, in fact, a bed bug and we moved on with our lives.

Apparently, right after my friend woke up with those red spots, I had left a message on Tim’s phone during my initial meltdown and promptly forgot about it. So it came as a surprise when my phone rang and it was Tim on the other end of the line. “What’s going on?” he asked, calmly.

I told him about everything — including our terrible experience with the other inspectors — and he confidently told me that he could help. A few days later, Herbie (another M&M employee) showed up with another bug-sniffing dog, Dexter.

The two inspection experiences were night-and-day different. Herbie was professional, well-informed, and respectful of our apartment. While Dexter sniffed around, Herbie took almost ninety minutes to do a painstaking visual inspection of every corner of our apartment. He answered all of my questions in detail, confirmed that we do not (thank God) have a bed bug infestation, and suggested some possible alternate explanations for what happened to my friend’s face. Before he left, he gave me a packet of information about how we can protect our apartment in the future.

Tim and Herbie are more than just professional — they are generous. Bed bugs are scary, and there are a lot of companies out there that take advantage of people’s fear and panic. I know we got screwed by the first company, so I am so grateful to Tim and Herbie for swooping in to save the day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Trust me, if you’re having a pest problem, make M&M your first (and only) call. I’m very glad we don’t have bed bugs after all, but if we did, I know we’d be in good hands with them

A++++++ service all the way!

Esther K.


I, like every other new yorker, am terrified of getting bed bugs. I’m hyper paranoid to the point where every time I get bit at night, I’m examine my bite and scourer the internet and compare my bug bite to the pictures of bed bugs online. Yep, i do this every single time.

Well last night, I get what looks like 4 bites in a row. EEK! I sleep uncomfortably all night and in the morning, I take off my sheets to throw in the washing machine and lo and behold, what do I see on the wall next to our bed… a little bugger!

I make my boyfriend catch it in packaging tape and we examine it compared to the pictures online and it does look like a baby bed bug. Sigh…

I look at yelp for any reviews for exterminators and I find M&M. A friendly man answers the phone and advises me to bring the bug down and he will be able to tell me if its a bed bug.

I take the little bugger down to M&M and this lady assist me. She take a close look at the bug and immediately tells me its not a bed bug. She says its a shiny spider beetle. Oh thank God!!! She advises me to keep a look out, but this bug is def not a bed bug. She also recommended I contact my landlord because they usually take care of things like this, but if not, I could always come back and they would do an examination of my apt.

Can you believe it? She did not try to push her services on me at all and was sooo helpful! I would like to recommend them to everyone because just based on their professionalism and their expertise in bugs… I would surely trust them to do a great thorough job!

On my way out I ran into another staff member from M&M and he was returning from an examination with the cutest trained dog I’ve ever seen! He let me play with the cute bug sniffing dog and he also gave me some very helpful tips about prevention and monitoring for bed bugs.

A++++++ service all the way!

If I ever have any issues in the future I will definitely be calling them!

Extremely professional and have great customer service

Brian M.


I’ve been having a water bug problem so I called M&M based on their reviews. Ray e-mailed me almost immediately and followed up with a phone call shortly after. The customer service at this place is top-notch. I unfortunately had to cancel my appointment (turns out my landlord has someone contracted), and Ray was extremely understanding. He said he was just happy I had help!

These guys are clearly extremely professional and have great customer service. If it were up to me I’d have used their services!!!

A rare mix of excellent customer service, highly efficient results, and a workforce of absolutely terrific people

Alexandra Y.


I received STELLAR service from M&M Environmental! These people are incredibly professional and delightful. They are a rare mix of excellent customer service, highly efficient results, and a workforce of absolutely terrific people.

My story: we found a bug on our couch on a Saturday afternoon. I called them in a panic, thinking bed bug. The person who answered my call was very polite, patient and understanding of my anxiety. She quickly took down the facts and said someone would call me back. She also told me what to do with the bug in the interim. Soon after, another very polite and charming person called back and guided me thru snapping pictures and emailing them to her for an initial bug ID. Again, in a very short amount of time, she called back to say it was not a bed bug. She suggested I stop by their office so a specialist could ID the bug, just in case it was the kind that lays dozens of eggs. I asked what the charge for the call, email ID, and in person ID would be. ‘Free’ she said. Shocked, I asked why and was informed that she was thrilled it wasn’t a bed bug and that they regularly offer this kind of informational service, gratis. If of-course it had been a bed bug, there would have been a charge to exterminate, clean, etc. In any event, still kind of shocked that within the span of a couple of hours on a weekend, they had eliminated the possibility of a crisis in my home, and all this for free…I went to see them the following week with my bug in a jar.

I was greeted at the door of their office with such hospitality that I felt like I was visiting friends. The person with whom I had spoken on the phone introduced herself with a smile and presented me to a director specialist who also could not have been nicer. He took great care to positively identify my bug, explain its provenance and habits, and also followed up later in the evening by email with such specificity and detail that I remain smiling and stunned for my wonderful experience with this company. My bug: a Chrysomelidae, leaf beetle (specifically a Willow Leaf Beetle – Lochmaea Caprea) — an ornamental pest that lives outdoors and eats leaves. I was given an education in entomology to boot!

If this is how they treat their ‘free’ clients, all I can say is, hands down these are the people to go to for any pest problem you may have in your home. Their attention to detail and level of experience is outrageously impressive.

Also, they sell  a variety of products to help prevent/combat pest issues including the protective covers needed for mattresses and pillows. I bought a mattress cover and urge anyone reading this to pay them a visit to their office or on-line http://www.mmenvirostore… and stock up on the protective products they sell. And, above all, keep them in mind for any and all pest issues…you will not be disappointed…just relieved and delighted that great customer service and truly capable people exist out there to handle these issues quickly and effectively. Thank you Shaun, Tim and all at M&M, you’ve raised the bar quite high in terms of my expectation of customer service and results. NYC is lucky to have you.

Respectfully, your client for life — Alexandra

Overall: They’re great



After reading the reviews they got here, my wife and I decided to hire these guys to take care of our mouse problem. Let me tell you, whatever anyone says in their 5-star reviews, they are still selling short how great these guys are.

Since other reviews have lauded them more eloquently that I can, I’ll just point out what we loved about them:

Responsive – They wrote back within hours of our inquiry and were able to set up a home visit within days of first contact.

Patient – The techs who came out understand that they are meeting you at your most pest-disgusted / freaked out and are calm and explain things to you.

Efficient – They were in and out in about 2 hours (mouse proofing our entire apartment) despite us having HUGE gaps that needed to be filled and covered.

Overall: They’re great. They’re thorough and informative and I would recommend them to anyone who finds themselves in the awful position of needing to call an exterminator.

Great service and very professional!

Man S.


Great service and very professional!

Service was very prompt and professional

Christian V.


Called in for termite issues, service was very prompt and professional.

Ask for Ray, he is very helpful with your questions and concerns.

Worth every penny, and they weren’t overpriced.

Edna C.


They are the comfort & calm when you are probably panicking the most. They are inquisitive, informative, helpful, empathetic, caring…you name it. At the same time extremely thorough and professional. Worth every penny, and they weren’t overpriced.

What can I say, other than thank you

Ershad Z.


What can I say, other than thank you.  M & M helped me and my building get rid of mice.  Now we can sleep with no more scathing sounds from the little intruders.   God bless!  It has been 2 months of quiet, and counting…

Will keep them for future bug invasions

Peter A.


After discovering termites in my home, I knew it was time to get rid of those buggers. I got a free estimate at Terminex and another estimate at M & M Pest Control. Both companies had different techniques to getting rid of termites, but after weighing the data, I felt that M & M was the way to go.

Based in lower manhattan, they service most if not all NYC boroughs. Their service was accommodating and friendly. Even after the treatment, they followed up with me to make sure everything went well, which was greatly appreciated.

Will keep them for future bug invasions.

By far the most professional exterminator

Jeffrey N.


This place was by far the most professional exterminator in the neighborhood. They offered to take take a look at small bug I found in my apartment – free of charge.  It turned out to be just a innocuous beetle rather than something more problematic.  This saved me the huge hassle and cost of having extermination done for nothing (like all the others I called wanted to do – just to be sure!)  I highly recommend them – in a very field that is hard to get good service.

Quick, easy and friendly to deal with


Preferring environmentally friendly options, M&M Environmental were a shining light.  Quick, easy and friendly to deal with I would fully recommend M&M Environmental to anyone with pest problems.  After visiting a few hotels we had unfortunately picked up some bed bugs which have now been eliminated.  I would recommend M&M to everyone.

M&M are the go-to guys if you have the bad luck to get bed bugs

Laurie F.

M&M are the go-to guys if you have the bad luck to get bed bugs, as far as I am concerned.  They are amazingly professional.  Everyone I worked with there was knowledgeable  and intelligent and they all really care about their work.  They got rid of my problem using non-toxic methods and were very sympathetic to my concerns regarding my children.  They are scrupulously honest and forthright about everything and take the time to explain it all. The owner, Tim Wong, is very smart, caring and extraordinarily conscientious.   They do most of the important bedbug eradication work in the city but took great care with this distraught mom in a two bedroom apartment..

M&M deserves an entire chapter in my life story

JaShin T.

M&M deserves an entire chapter in my life story, and I wish I could write the whole chapter here.  But, since I’m sure you’re suffering from ADD right now and don’t want to read something super lengthy, I’ll give you the Cliff’s Notes version.

Basically, what it comes down to was that I had an extremely traumatic experience with bed bugs.  For over three months, I battled those mother f-ers, without ever having seen one.  But M&M’s dogs confirmed I had them, and, despite my apartment complex forcing me to use their own pest control company for treatment, I continued to call and email Timothy at M&M when I had any questions or needed advice (as if he needed another crazy gf type).  He was kind enough to act as both expert and therapist since I was really freaking out, even though I technically wasn’t even a client anymore.  Why couldn’t I speak to the folks at the company my apt made me use for treatment?  ‘Cause they weren’t helpful whatsoever.  I didn’t feel confident they knew what they were doing.

Finally, when new management took over, I convinced the new GM to let me use M&M to really try to get rid of the suckers.  And things went a lot more smoothly.  Timothy was extremely thorough, made suggestions on what else to do that the other company didn’t (i.e. caulk all baseboards), helped me identify that bed bugs had probably lived/died in my nightstand (so I then threw it out, which helped), had his guys steam clean my furniture (since he thought my skin was getting a rash from the chemicals the other company sprayed, and he was right)…

…and then, when I was preparing to move to LA (which was literally right after this whole thing happened), he told me how I could make sure I didn’t get bed bugs from the moving van when I thought I was going to need a moving van at the time.

I really couldn’t have asked for a better pest control company or a better person to have held my hand (not literally, of course!) through my trauma.  If you want a company that is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also employs empathetic/sympathetic employees who take the time to actually speak to you, then you’ll want to work with M&M.

I can’t thank Timothy and his team enough!!!!

If you have bugs, rodents or any other kind of pest….THIS is the first call you make. Reviews don’t lie. Mice do though!

Colleen C.


You know what, mice are sort of gross.

I realize mice invaders are pretty common in NYC (and really, anywhere…but in NYC you’re paying top dollar for an apartment, and you do not want to share the teeny spaces with rodents), but it doesn’t mean it makes one feel any better about hearing little scurriers around the apartment, flashes of shadows darting around the walls, finding little mice turds on your COUNTER or in your POTS AND PANS, or seeing one of them acquiese into one of the burners on the stove.

*Or, when they put a healthy dent in a gourmet chocolate bar (Raaka! Made in BK) your mom left unwrapped on the counter by mistake. I’m sure it was a party in the mouse nest that night…Brooklyn mice only like organic homemade chocolate, I should’ve poured them a glass of some vintage wine as well. Living the high life up in here!

But, no more. Even an animal lover like myself can reach a point where the mice just have to go. The dog is useless, the boyfriend almost de-fingered himself with a snap trap, and I was horrified at the thought of removing them myself.

So, as I do in all my times of need…I consulted Yelp.

And, it led me to M & M Pest Control. Which, was as bright of a decision that ever did live if you need to rid your house of pests. (notice that it’s just one “s” away from pets, the irony is not lost on me).

They handle basically any living thing that is in your apartment/home without your consent, save loser roommates. Deal with those yourself, yeah? Yeah!

1. Email through site contact form.
2. 2 hours later (!?) Tim emails me to get an idea of the situation.
3. 2 days later, Tim arrives for a free consultation and estimate.
4. That evening, he contacts me to follow-up. Of course, I want them to come!
5. Set up a time for the team to come shake the mice out, and seal this bugger up.
6. Takes them 2.5 hours, I now live in a mouse version of Fort Knox. Word.
7. Tim follows up by email several times to check on the job.
8. No more mice live here!

Rates: $450 for the first 2 hours, $150 for each additional hour. They will give you an estimate after viewing the damage/problem.

A couple of high points here:

*Tim is awesome. I was a neurotic mess the day he came over after a couple of sleepless nights hearing mice running around. He assured me that they could take care of it in as humane a way as possible. (catching and killing any immediately, no suffering) and promised to send the guys with a humane trap, which is basically a condo for mice. I never ended up having to use this as they did such a good job. He knows all there is know about rodents, and spoke about it very articulately. He went through my entire apartment to ID any party avenues these critters were using to get in.

*He then sent the team out. They were equally as nice, and very professional. They got the job done and were the utmost in helpful, explaining the follow-up steps, the smells (they use eco-friendly, non-toxic repellent which basically makes your home smell like a pine tree).

*They accept and prefer credit cards.

It’s been a month, and I think I’ve hesitated to write this review for fear it’ll jinx it and I’ll see one in the sink or something with a pina colada. But, the word needs to be known….if you have bugs, rodents or any other kind of pest….THIS is the first call you make. Reviews don’t lie. Mice do though!

Ps. Is it sad that I almost sort of wish I had had bed bugs instead so the dogs could’ve come out to inspect? so cute! (ok no I do NOT want bed bugs, ever)

Great place. Very professional.

Brendan C.


While I did not use their extermination services, I brought in a ClimbUp bed bug trap/monitor that had caught something.  I wasn’t sure whether it was a bed bug or not – but I could not find anyone to confirm it.  At least one major company (starts with a T) would only set up service – “we don’t do inspections in Manhattan,” he says.

So, I found M&M.  I walked in on Monday morning with my bagged up trap.  Derek was speaking with his team of exterminators as I entered, but he stopped what he was doing immediately and came over to help.  He gladly offered to take a look at my trap, and immediately (after eyeballing the bugs) said they were not bed bugs.  He wanted to confirm what they were under his magnifying glass – and thankfully all I have is a baby cockroach.

Great place.  Very professional.  Extremely nice people – and knowledgable.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use them should I be unlucky enough to need extermination services.

Thank you for being so great M&M! :)

Dina Q.


Let’s just say coming home slightly inebriated on a late Saturday night and being told by your grandmother she can’t sleep cause she feels like she’s being pricked everywhere. Then to go check her bed and see little red bugs crawling around can lead to a lot of shrieking and not a fun time to end the night. After not being able to sleep the entire night and having an entire freak session, I contacted M&M the next day and a nice gentleman name Tim called me and basically acted as a therapist to console me after listening to my whole recap of the night before. He had me email a picture of the one bug I kept alive in a bounty within a ziplock bag (yes a bit dramatic) to him to confirm if it was indeed a bedbug. Sadly it was, and so began the whole ordeal. He instructed me through everything I needed to do in terms of prep for the treatment. He even had someone from his office speak to my family in Chinese about the direness of the situation because I have no idea how to say bedbug in Chinese (shame, no family honor I know). It was a two part process, the first time I had two technicians, Jason & John who were extremely nice and even helped me with placing protective encasements on all the mattresses in my place. They saw that I had a puppy as well and explained all the sprays they were using would be non-toxic to him just in case he decided to lick the walls. The followup two weeks later, another Jason came and he was just as great. During the entire process, Tim let himself be available for me to contact him with any questions I had which was beyond amazing. Thank you for being so great M&M! 🙂

I love M&M Pest Control! I can now live anxiety free in my home again =)

CindyZoo L.


I love M&M Pest Control!  I can now live anxiety free in my home again =)

After I came back from a summer away, I unfortunately discovered that mice found their way in!  I kept on finding mouse droppings on the kitchen counters & that’s when my long battle with the mouse began.  My roomie & I started keeping the kitchen sparkling clean, put peppermint oil everywhere, & our landlord put traps around.  Those mice are so smart!!! — droppings still everyday no matter what we did!  It finally got worse bc we started to find droppings in other rooms & I was hearing rustling while I was sleeping!  ECKK!!!

long story short — the mice in my home made me a paranoid mess but then M&M came to my rescue.  When I called, I was a rambling crazy person but M&M was SO INCREDIBLY PATIENT & nice!  They listened & told me that they would send a person over right away.  Before I knew it, an M&M employee was at my door.  They thoroughly checked every nook & cranny of the house while educating me all about the habits of mice.  The best part was that they used no poisons or chemicals.  They really know what they’re doing & how to deal with mice — they knew exactly where to look & how to seal up all the holes.

Happy to say — no more mice!!!!!!!!  I can happily live in my own home again & not be scared I’ll bump into a mouse!  M&M made me feel completely taken care of at all times — they even checked up on me after their visit!  call M&M, you’ll be happy you did!!

Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Jude M.


M&M provided a complete, longterm solution to our mice problem.  Not only did they get rid of the existing mice in the apartment, but they also thoroughly inspected our home for any openings and sealed them.   Knowledgeable and friendly staff.  I highly recommend their services.  Thank you M&M!

Thanks so much M&M, you guys are life-savers!!

Jean C.

Had an extremely annoying pest problem the past few days…. don’t know where they came from or how it happened but I made sure not to wait too long before calling M&M Pest Control. They came by with fast and friendly service… Now I can finally sleep comfortably on my bed!! Thanks so much M&M, you guys are life-savers!!

These guys are certified and true professionals.

Andy C.


These guys are certified and true professionals. They took the time & care to handle my pest problem with real ease and peace of mind.  I would definitely recommend them to my family and friends.

I was super impressed with their dog inspector Speckles, a good and well trained dog!  It’s amazing what dogs can pick up and what humans can’t!  I wanted to keep him! Lol

Nice people with good honest service, can’t ask for anything more.  I give my stamp of approval.  Hands down 5 stars.

Thank you M & M Pest Control!

Two Birds with One Stone: M&M Solved my Bed Bug and Air Quality Issues

Suejin S.

I’ve had M&M Pest Control come visit me twice now. The first time was for bedbugs. I called them and had a 10 minute conversation during which they answered all my questions and were definitely not in a hurry to book something or get me off the line unlike some other companies. They sent out a bedbug sniffing dog that SAME DAY, and they turned up when they sid they would! Luckily, no bedbugs! I could sleep again thanks to Champ the Bedbug Detective!

Here’s what happened the second time. I was moving into a new apartment and I really liked one in particular but when I went to look at it a second time I noticed a musty kind of smell. I started to get worried that my family would be breathing in something bad if we lived there. Maybe I just worry a lot! I started looking up air quality consultants in NYC….and M&M Environmental came up…I didn’t realize that M&M also did air quality. So I called them up and had the same wonderful service! Again they sent somebody round the same day. They did their tests and talked to me for a long time about all kinds of issues, even the pest control! So in the end they sent me my air quality report and talked to me about the results. Everything looked great! I asked the building to check a couple of things they recommended. I moved in and I love my new apartment!
Thanks M&M!!

He got back to me in like 10 minutes!

Elle S.


Was seriously spooked last night after finding a small bug crawling across my bedroom floor.  We were able to catch it as I wanted to have a PCO assess it. Obviously, with bed bug infestations spreading all over NY, I was scared as hell.

After reading great reviews about M&M I gave them a call.  Spoke with a live operator (rare these days) and within an hour got a call back from Timothy!

He was very nice.  Said I could email him pictures and he’d assess the bug for me. He got back to me in like 10 minutes and confirmed — to my relief — that it was a shiny spider beetle and NOT a bed bug!!

God forbid I ever do have a pest problem, but if I do, I will definitely be using M&M!

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Vivian N.


“It’s better to be safe than sorry” – that’s my motto and calling M&M helped me fulfill it.

My friend and I woke up to a few welts/bites on our bodies and I couldn’t help but freak out just a little. I found M&M online and decided to call them that day. Derrick was amazing to deal with and was able to book me a canine inspection that same day. And the prices were so reasonable!!

The inspection was thorough – first by the dog, then a physical inspection by the inspector. The inspector was knowledgeable and informative. Turns out, I didn’t have bed bugs and the bites were from a spider. But the 24 hours I thought I had bed bugs were the worst hours of my life. Now I am able to sleep like a little baby again!!

It’s better to be safe than sorry

Vivan F.

“It’s better to be safe than sorry” – that’s my motto and calling M&M helped me fulfill it.

My friend and I woke up to a few welts/bites on our bodies and I couldn’t help but freak out just a little. I found M&M online and decided to call them that day. Derrick was amazing to deal with and was able to book me a canine inspection that same day. And the prices were so reasonable!!

The inspection was thorough – first by the dog, then a physical inspection by the inspector. The inspector was knowledgeable and informative. Turns out, I didn’t have bed bugs and the bites were from a spider. But the 24 hours I thought I had bed bugs were the worst hours of my life. Now I am able to sleep like a little baby again!!

Outstanding customer service!

Debbie M.


Outstanding customer service!

A few weeks ago, I woke up with 3 bites on my right leg and was totally freaked out because of this whole bed bug craze. I quickly did some research and found M&M. I spoke to Derrick, who was extremely informative and told me all I needed to know about bed bugs. He helped me schedule a canine inspection.

The next day, Danny and Champ came in for the inspection. As it turned out, I did not have bed bugs and have been bite-free since!

Dodged a bullet. Whew!

Stephanie F.


My Grandpa had been complaining about rashes and it was always in the back of my mind that he might have bed bugs. I mean, he does live in a really crowded part of the city, at the edge of Chinatown (well, now this part is NoLita). Finally, after a long time of me begging him, he let me call pest control to check it out.

Originally I heard about M & M Pest Control through word of mouth from a friend of a friend. When I called and asked about an inspection and pricing, they seemed to be the most reasonable company I called. The lady on the phone was really accommodating with me and my Grandpas schedule and arranged for an inspection the coming weekend.

The guy came with a dog (a bed bug sniffing dog, who would’ve thought?!) and told us that he didn’t have bed bugs. Thank GOD! Dexter was awesome!

Anyway, in the end I sent my Gramps to the doctor and found out his rash was nothing but that, just a rash! Dodged a bullet. Whew!

I found M+M Pest Control to be the most helpful



Just a quick review to say that after days of stalking Yelp, I found M+M Pest Control to be the most helpful of the crowd of people advertising they deal with bed-bugs.

Rather than someone grunting and charging $300 and up for an inspection – or promising a free inspection and never turning up – the person who took my call (Tom) was very helpful and informative without any money or credit card details passing hands.

A day or two later, when I decided I did want an inspection – someone was sent right away for a visual inspection, for $150. This was Raymond  -also a very informative guy.

Knock wood, I haven’t got bedbugs, but dust-mites, and I am on my way to kicking their tiny asses.

I trust this company implicitly

Sensho W.


I want anyone interested to know just how much I relied on M&M Environmental and how excellent a company it is !

I couldn’t wish for a more reliable, friendly, helpful, professional and downright wonderful company to help me with my bedbug infestation.

It’s a disturbing situation to find out and have to treat for bedbugs, but from the very first contact with M&M Environmental, I knew my apartment was in great hands.  M&M provided the most professional and caring service, from their recommendation for the canine inspection through treatment recommendation, treatment and all the help the office and staff provided in between.

I just can’t say enough how safe I feel having used M&M for my apartment.  I trust this company implicitly.  At times it was confusing and upsetting to be dealing with the problem, but everyone at M&M Environmental always provided superlative service and help; first, last and in between !

I couldn’t recommend this company more highly.  If you want the best in service and success, you will do yourself a favor and you will never regret using M&M Environmental.

M&M Helped My Family

Elaine S.


My mom’s coworker had bed bugs and it bit the whole family. My mom asked if i know anybody who deals with this, and I told her about M&M Pest control once I heard on the news. My mom’s coworker whole family had to stay in a hotel for a few days but they were very happy the bug bits stopped. they thanked me, and said the staff were friendly and they have someone who speak their language (Chinese). Their kids were playing with the dog inspector. they told their mom they want a dog now. I am glad i can help.

M&M Pest Control are the experts

Aileen K.


M&M Pest Control are the experts.  I only used them for the inspection for bed bugs but nevertheless they were on point.  Customer service was wonderful – they were very knowledgeable and patient with me.  (which says a LOT because I worry like it’s my business).  They were able to get an inspection scheduled for me 2 HOURS after I called.

The inspectors themselves (man + dog) were fantastic.  A welcome bay of peace and reassurance amid bed bug insanity.  Loren (man) was VERY friendly and informed me of everything before the inspection began.  Informative but very efficient.  Jax (dog) was the cutest little bringer of bad news ever.

Loren and Jax are subcontractors by M&M but I would definitely recommend both the company and the subcontractors.  After the inspection customer service reps walked me through the steps I should take upon finding my small problem of bed bugs and also gave me some tips.  I followed up with Loren via email and he was very responsive!

Overall, great and efficient service.  Oh so highly recommended.  I just wish I could convince my landlord to use them as exterminators too!

*Great service *Informative

Kent W.


I’m all about the good eats in NYC, but here’s a change for a kick: Mutated size rats in the city. Holy booger bat ballz, batman!

As I slouched on the couch (one lazy Saturday afternoon) and flipped through the channels – a mile a minute, I saw the something big and hairy ran across my foot. WTH? Load and behold, it was a fatty New York City mouse-looking rat thingy. Hoo boy.

So what did I do? I tried to catch it with a box and a stick in my hands. No luck. That beasty looking SOB was fast, and it snarled at me with no fear (I think I heard a chuckle from it too).

Now what? So, I called a friend who recommended a place she used before – and I decided to give it a try. I called, and someone picked up on the second ring…on a Saturday…again…on a Saturday. I was abled to schedule for the following Monday on my time, cause I’m “muy importante”

Anywho, the guy came by and literally examined my whole entire apartment (granted it wasn’t that big), and pointed out all the holes (where the hairy critter mostly like crawl through) – we are talking about holes underneath the sink, behind the fridge, behind the bed…everywhere! If there’s a hole, he were going to spot it.

Afterwards, he started to patch up all the holes with special foamy looking thing (non chemical which was a plus). We never did find the hairball, but I haven’t seen him since either (lucky him – I was running out of food and getting hungry).

*Great service

M & M Pest Control is simply the best Pest Control company known to man

Dog L.

M & M Pest Control is simply the best Pest Control company known to man.  They are very quick and efficient in solving bed bugs problems.  They came to my cousin’s rescue what she thought was an allergic reaction to something she had eaten.  Indeed it was bed bugs that had bitten her from her vacation in Europe.  She was crying and not eating or sleeping not knowing what to do.  This can be a scary thing not knowing why you are getting bit all over.  The family is glad the ordeal is over and she is back to her old self traveling with cautious.  Thanks M & M Pest Control for your quick response and saving my cousin from having a nervous breakdown.  You guys rock!!!

Super easy to work with!

Annie S.


I stopped by M&M offices for a couple of questions about bed bugs last week and the people there were so helpful. They were flexible with scheduling an inspection at my apt asap and the guy that came was really helpful. Super easy to work with, thank god!

I highly recommend M&M because they are so professional and straight forward.

Wil C.


It took us a while to find out we had bed bugs.  Our building sent in their exterminator and treated our apt 4 times.  We still had bed bugs and got so stressed out.  Anyone got bed bugs know what I’m talking about!  We talked to so many exterminators, and finally hired M&M Pest Control.  Even though we had to pay for the treatments, we wanted someone who could get rid of the bugs.  It has been 2 months since their treatments, and we have not getting bitten.  Now M&M is helping my building as well.  Apparently there was another family on my floor with bed bugs.  I’m hoping they will get cleaned up soon.   Overall, I highly recommend M&M because they are so professional and straight forward.

Please don’t confuse M & M with the chocolate candy

Deanna I.

My mother always told me that there’s 3 people I that I NEED to befriend in life: a good mechanic, a good dentist, and a good accountant.  AKA – 3 people in life that can either save your butt or royally screw you over $$.  But momma never told me how horrible BED BUGS WERE!  I’d like to amend the rule for NYC, and add BED BUG EXTERMINATOR to the list!!

Please don’t confuse M & M with the chocolate candy.  They are the #1 bed bug pros in NYC – featured on NBC, the New Yorker, CNN, have an A+ rating on BBB.  Luckily they live across the street from me.  They came in and inspected our whole building after one of the apt’s in our building was infested with bedbugs and complained.  I was kind of skeptical of dogs coming in to sniff out bugs, but once I witnessed Champ, this amazingly cute dog — I was a believer.  Champ’s nose got into every corner of my mattress and couch and in places I haven’t even had a chance to vaccuum.  Thank God, I did not see Champ tap anything in my apt.  My next door neighbor had gotten inspected twice (on two separate occasions) after her apt failed the first round, and that dog put his paw up and tapped the exact same spots.

Bedbugs are no joke guys, and if you want it done right the first time around – M&m is the way to go. They’re friendly, thorough, respond to manic tenants dropping by and freaking out about every bite and are amazingly understanding and patient too.

Thanks M&M for knowing how to treat your customers!

Michelle L.


My workplace was infested with bedbugs, so I wanted my apartment and my BF’s apartment to be checked to ensure I did not bring any home! I called up 3 pest control companies and decided on M&M based on their website info, customer reviews on Yelp!, and their professionalism on the phone.  So glad I choose them because everyone I spoke with was so friendly, understanding, and responsive! They came the very next day, and the inspector and his dog were phenomenal. Now I have a peace of mind.  I’ve recommended M&M to 3 of my colleagues at the office today.  Thanks M&M for knowing how to treat your customers!

These people are great!!!!! I would definitely recommend to all my friends.

Tinny L.

I was watching TV one day and saw a mouse run across my living room. I screamed in terror because it seemed to disappear – but where on earth did it go to? I went online immediately and found M&M, called and got a real person on the phone even on a Saturday. I was able to eventually book an appointment for that following Monday and whoever scheduled it for me was able to work around my schedule.

When the guy showed up who helped me, he took a look around my apartment, and found holes and openings in the pipes around the heater. He also went underneath my sink and pointed out the same kinds of holes around the piping there too.
He explained to me that this was most likely where the mice were coming from.. He sealed all of those holes up with some breathable foam type stuff and I have not seen a mouse since then! I thought this was great because he didn’t have to use any chemicals, especially i have a baby and a dog and still was able to get the job done.
These people are great!!!!! I would definitely recommend to all my friends.

M&M Pest Control saved my sanity & my apartment!

Valerie G.


M&M Pest Control saved my sanity & my apartment!

When I first moved into my place in Murray Hill I was assured by the landlord + tenants that there were no rodent problems. That quickly changed as I could hear things scurrying around at night .. sometimes in my own room! 🙁 As soon as my roommates confirmed spotting these creatures of the night roaming around I started searching for a pest control company. And with M&M I found a true winner 🙂 They were super accommodating on the phone, answering all the questions, qualms, and queries of a hyperventilating rat hater (that would be me!). They came in and patched up the place and I have not heard a thing besides drunken Murray-Hiller’s at night since!

Thank youuuu for making my apt a place that I am no longer afraid to stay in, M&M! 😀

Great company!

Gabriel E.


Great company!  I brought in a couple bugs because my roommate had been bitten and we were worried about getting rid of them.  They ID’ed them very quickly and gave me directions to get rid of them.  I was worried they were just going to try and sell me exterminator services but they never even brought it up and (when I asked) said it wasn’t necessary.  They didn’t charge me anything for the info!  everyone in the office was very helpful and polite as well as knowledgeable!

How do I know they are top notch? They don’t jump the gun…

Lea R.


While I don’t have bedbugs and haven’t had to use extermination services, I did have a scare this weekend, and I did do my research before coming to M&M for their dog sniffing services (these were the services that confirmed I don’t have an infestation).  How do I know they are top notch?  They don’t jump the gun:  I spoke with Tim who wasn’t quick to tell me that I had a huge problem which he could treat immediately for thousands of dollars.  Instead, Tim listened and agreed that sending the dog over sounded like a good idea.  He had great suggestions, was friendly, nice, and positive (When I called and was sure that bed bugs were it, he reminded me that it sounded like they very well could not be, and that I should stay optimistic.  He was also reassuring in that his knowledge made me confident that even if I had bedbugs, he could treat them.)  Be wary of any company that tells you you should just treat immediately, companies like M&M who are willing to give reasonable advice and who have procedure in place are the only companies I would ever consider using if I did have an infestation.  They know there stuff:  Again, I spoke with Tim.  Tim was able to outline options and put me at ease.  He wasn’t pushy and was full of great ideas and reasonable options (varying levels of treatment depending on the level of infestation – or none if no infection at all!).  They have great customer service:  Look, bedbugs are scary (or in my case, just the idea of them is scary).  After speaking with their office Tim called me back within 5 minutes (really! I know it’s almost unbelievable!) on a Sunday, spoke with me extensively, emailed me instructions right away, and had a dog and handler at my house an hour and a half later.  I couldn’t have asked for a more positive experience!

This company is awesome!

Brooke M.


This company is awesome! I was 99.9% sure that I had bed bugs on a Friday evening, and I felt completely helpless as I called numerous inspection agencies that informed me that had no available appointments until the next week. Fortunately, M&M came to the rescue! I spoke to Tim late Friday night (he called me immediately after I had left a message on his machine) and he was extremely kind and helpful. He was even able to squeeze me into an appointment slot on Saturday afternoon.

An inspector, Herbie, showed up Saturday with his bug-sniffing dog, Dexter, and they were both awesome. Dexter sniffed around for about 15 minutes and identified areas in my room where there were either live bed bugs or eggs. Since the case seemed pretty isolated, Herbie informed me that I did not need to spend hundreds of dollars on professional help just yet. He gave me several ways in which I could eradicate the situation, and I followed all of his advice. The bed bugs seem to have disappeared, so I’m very thankful!

Bottom line: if you ever find yourself in need of an inspector and/or exterminator, M&M is the way to go! I can’t say enough positive things about my interactions with Tim and Herbie.

Wonderful service and incredibly patient to answer any and all questions I had!

Tess L.


Wonderful service and incredibly patient to answer any and all questions I had! Had bites and found a bug by my bed – fearing bed bugs, left a message with M&M at 11 pm, expecting to have to wait all night without any answers, but immediately received a call from Tim who offered to ID the bug by phone and set up an appointment for the next morning if needed.

Next morning, Loren came over with his dog to inspect (nothing, thankfully!) on time. My list of questions was long and paranoid – he answered all of them patiently and even took the bug back to the office to ID and follow up via email within the hour.

Tim continued to follow up to make sure that I didn’t have bites or any additional concerns.

Only “good to know” beforehand is that the dogs can’t inspect in loft areas (need to be able to be walked). If for any reason that could be the source, don’t pay the $250+ for the dog service.

Would definitely recommend them!

My apartment has remained clear

Anonymous A.

Living in a building with neighbors who repeatedly have bedbug outbreaks has been extremely upsetting, and when the bugs finally moved into my apartment, M&M was called in by my building to handle what had been a situation that was simply out of control. Initially I was surprised at what I needed to do in order to effectively rid my apartment of bugs and seal it so they couldn’t sneak over again. Once I gave in to the process, Tim (the owner) guided me through with expert information and a very calm demeanor that helped keep me from losing my mind. A year later, M &M  continues to monitor my apartment monthly for bedbugs and even though my neighbors continue to bring the bugs into their apartment, my apartment has remained clear. Advice to all- do all the prep as thoroughly as possible. The more thoroughly you prepare your home, the better the results will be of the treatment. I would highly recommend Tim and M&M to anyone in need of extermination. They have been a joy to work with in a joyless situation.

I totally recommend!

Jeremy R.


I was freaked out that I had bedbugs and started spraying and collecting any buggy looking sample from my apartment.  I went to M & M with my little bag of samples, and they were awesome.  They identified the little critters as harmless shiny spider beetles, which may sound nasty but was a humungous relief compared to bedbugs.  Tim was super nice and very helpful.  He was happy to chat with me until I felt better about my bug situation, which has since been completely resolved.  Yippee.
My point is, these guys seem to really know bugs and even better yet, they understand people and how to work with them.  I totally recommend!

Amazing people amazing service

Lynn B.


Amazing people amazing service. I swear they dealt with my anxiety like a psychotherapist. Calm and knowledgeable. they even will look at a bug if you bring it to them and tell you if it’s actually a bb for free. I had dogs come over 3 times (b/c I’m a freak and thought mosquito bites might be bb bites) and had them do preventative measures as neighbors 2 floors below had bbs. this was 6 mos ago and no sign of them. they were pricey, but I like that they were so thorough and environmentally friendly as I have 2 cats and dont want them running around in poison if I can help it.

M&M is a quality company with an expertise in bedbugs.

Phil C.


The reviews on yelp are very accurate. M&M is a quality company with an expertise in bedbugs.  Having worked in the customer service field all my life, I was truly impressed with them.

I first contacted them to inspect my home with their dogs. For several days I woke up with mysterious bites and thought mosquitoes until I noticed random tiny blood stains on my sheets. They conducted the inspection with their beagle Dexter and sure enough he sniffed out bedbugs throughout the bedroom and living room. I couldn’t believe it till they showed me the cluster of bedbugs hiding underneath my armchair.Even after they found bedbugs, the inspector recommended that I should shop around before choosing an exterminator. Talk about not pushing your services. They never once tried to push or up-sell any of their remediation services. Taking their advice, I contacted and spoke to almost all other well reviewed exterminators on YELP but none were nearly as knowledgeable or professional.

These guys were excellent to work with. Even though their services came with a 90-day warranty, I did not need it.  Any company that can solve my severe case of bedbugs and deal with my neurosis personality is to be commended. 5 Stars!

Many thanks goes out to M&M!

Rachel W.


Many thanks go out to Adam at M and M for his help this weekend. I found a bug in my apartment and wasn’t sure if it was a bedbug or not. Adam told me I could bring it to M and M and they would examine it for me. It turned out to be a beetle – phew. Adam was extremely nice, professional and very knowledgeable about insects. Thank you!

These guys are the best!

Allison A.


These guys are the best! I found some bugs in my apartment and of course was petrified that they might be bed bugs. I brought the bugs to M&M and even though it was 2 min to closing, they analyzed the bugs and took their time and explained what kind of bugs they were. Luckily, it was not bed bugs! Thank you M&M!

M&M Pest Control helped me maintain my sanity

Chris C.


I cannot recommend this company warmly enough!
Early this year, I experienced every NYC resident’s nightmare:  you suspect bedbugs, have no information, and don’t know what to do.  My worst fears ended up confirmed but my panicked web searches led me to M & M Pest Control and, thanks to their superb team, I made it through this ordeal with my sanity – and my belongings – intact, along with the information I needed  in order become informed in my own right.  From the initial K-9 inspection all the way through the follow-up phone call three months later, every person I encountered was respectful, knowledgeable, soothing, and entirely professional.  What I especially appreciate is that their business practices are top notch _and_ they provide an incredible community service by making so much information available to the public.  Even if you are unable to afford all their services, the M & M team are willing to answer any and all questions, to work with you, and to give you suggestions.  If you have a problem and want a prompt, efficient solution, this is the team to call.

Intelligence AND Courtesy

Brenda B.


You know what I look for more than anything else, in just about any service imaginable? INTELLIGENCE. Good old smarts. With courtesy close behind. Got both from this outfit: We found a cache of what appeared to be long-dead bedbugs inside a clock (!), and hired Dexter, their handsome and serious-minded bedbug-sniffing dog, to inspect our huge, rambling house. Talk about a situation where you could easily rip folks off–but we got a clean negative report. For $450, yes, but in comparison to places like Terminix that offer you a “free” inspection (and in our too-vast experience for other bugs, are mostly rude and inept and prone to MAJOR up-selling), it was a bargain. The handler of the “canine” seemed almost as whip-smart as Dexter, very knowledgeable; the booking and service were flawless; even their website is top-notch. Highly recommended. Oh, and you can pet Dexter only AFTER he’s done his job like the trained pro that he is–and then he’s a real sweetie with a cold, wet nose, just a big kid.

We remain to be a very satisfied and happy customer

Vera S.


We are a management company and have engaged M & M Pest Control exclusively for several years now to handle all of our buildings’ pest control issues, including bed bugs, mosquitoes, roaches, mice, rats.  They specialize in learning about our pest control issues and then diagnosing/recommending the proper course of treatment specific to our needs, sensitive to allergies, pets, etc.  Moreover they are up to date with all the NYC Health Department and HPD regulations.  They provide constant follow up and monitoring.   Recently, one of our buildings’ block, which is occupied by restaurants, bars, a hotel, a catering company and which has a lot of construction activity, has been beseiged by rat infestation.  We called M & M Pest Control and they came out the very next morning.  Their technician Victor was professional, courteous and very informative.  We have recommended M & M to all of our tenants, residential and commercial.  We remain to be a very satisfied and happy customer.

M & M Pest Control quickly solved what could have been my worst nightmare

Gina B.


M & M Pest Control quickly solved what could have been my worst nightmare. After discovering mysterious marks on my legs, I panicked and thought I might have every New Yorker’s least welcome house guest- bed bugs! M & M immediately came to the rescue. The staff was courteous and efficient, bringing Dexter the dog over to my apartment the same day I called. Luckily, we did not have bed bugs. Thanks M & M! I would recommend this company to anyone experiencing pest problems.

The Best Bed Bug Exterminator in the US

Janusez E.


From the moment I discovered that I had Bedbugs in my apartment I started calling friends who had had them and they all said one thing Tim Wong at M and M Environmental. From the first second I realized I had these insects I called Tim to discuss my options and he not only answered all of my questions on the spot for half an hour he also continued to help me through the process from start to finish. At first I wanted to do it all myself so I got all the insectiside products and bed cover from him. Its such an insane thing to get bedbugs that I needed all the advice I could get to prepare for exterminating them. Ive had friends who had crazy infestations and others who just found two bedbugs in bed so advice varried. I started to work like crazy preparing to have Tim and M and M come in and exterminate the bedbugs. His reputation is that he is the best in NYC and environmentally safe for humans. Not only can he use many methods depending on the problem, but he guarantees his work because hes that good. There is aggressive treatments and passive. Id say 90% of exterminators out there use passive treatments where you are the bait and the bedbugs come out to get you and pass over a chemical that exterminates them. It is both ineffective and even if it works it can take six months. If your landlord, who is responsible for exterminating bedbugs tries to use some normal toxic exterminator dont let him do it–it is incredibly harmful to you and it doesnt work–bedbugs are resistant to most of the chemicals these regular exterminators use or some bedbugs always get away.
Tim comes in with a bedbug sniffing dog to find the spots where the bedbugs are. Then the treatment proceeds to exterminate them with steam, pesticides, and they proof /seal your space so there are no more holes and cracks and entryways for the bedbugs. They attack with a special system that intensely shoots insecticides deep into walls and cracks and everything that needs it and aggressively gets the bedbugs. And the most important part about their technique is that a few hours after they leave the insecticides don’t leave any toxic residue. Then they come back 10 days later to make sure they’ve exterminated everything. Whats crazy about bedbugs is that nothing can exterminate the eggs except steam or fumigation (in a sealed environment) so M and M uses steam and I think they used fumigants too (not sure).
These guys use the most advanced insecticides and treatments known to man. If you want your bedbug problem resolved and fast use these guys.
They also helped me to understand that you don’t have to throw out any of your possessions, which I was already in the process of doing. I had bedbugs in everything from TV to furniture. They work with other companies who pick up all your possessions and put them in a pod and fumigate with a chemical that exterminates every bedbug and egg 100% guaranteed. It really worked. That is the big breakthrough nowadays.
The companies I used that are also recommended by M and M are Moving Right Along (they pick up your stuff and bring it to a storage site where you get it fumigated and stored for 1 month free in a sealed pod); BedBug and Beyond does the fumigation (the next day the fumes and any residuals are gone, you don’t have to clean anything) and if you have any questions about fumigation, bedbugs etc, BB and B or M and M can and will take the time to answer everything.
By the way, these three companies come with the highest recommendations and credentials in the scientific community too. Janusz Erdely

These guys are the best

Jennifer L.


These guys are the best. I had what I thought was a bed bug sighting. I was freaked out and knew I was in for a night of little or no sleep and called them at 10PM at night. Their service asked for me to email them a picture.  Tim called and emailed me back at 11:30PMto let me know it wasn’t a bed bug (thankfully!)

They went above and beyond to help me out and allowed me to have a peaceful night’s sleep.


We have been working with M&M for over a year and are thoroughly satisfied

Claire G.


I work for a non profit organization in NYC. Our building provides housing to over 300 elderly and disabled people. We have been working with M&M for over a year in bedbug remediation & exterminination and are thoroughly satisfied with this company. From developing a realistic and affordable bed bug protocol to professional technicians to responsive customer service, they have been true partners. As a result, our problem has been significantly reduced. We particularly appreciate their sensitivity to the needs of a compromised population and to our financial limitations as a non profit. Kudos to Tim, Raymond and the entire staff.

Thank you, Thank you M&M

Kelsey P.

I just moved into a nice new apartment in the west village and discovered there was a cockroach infestation.  Upon contacting the management, they sent an exterminator that was less than helpful….so I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands…so I called M&M.  M&M was able to come to my apartment within 24 hours and was able to pinpoint the root of the problem….the roaches were living in the walls and lining of the fridge and were migrating to the surrounding cabinets.  The technician sprayed the apartment with what he told me was a safe and eco-friendly pesticide, he sealed up all of the additional gaps or possible points of entry that he found (besides the fridge) in not just the kitchen, but the bedrooms and bathrooms also, and was laslty, able to convince my landlord to replace the fridge in my apartment.  It has been a week since they treated the apartment and I have not seen any more roaches…and prior to M&M servicing, I was seeing between 5 and 7 a day.  Thank you, Thank you M&M.

I wish I would have know about M and M Pest Control prior to moving

Susana R.

I wish I would have know about M and M Pest Control prior to moving. The nightmare began in June 2010 when neighboring units infected my apartment with bed bugs. The landlord was not proactive so I panicked and moved.

Had Champ and Danny come in to inspect new apartment in September and YEP I brought some with me. Hired M and M to exterminate and they did an unbelievable job. I had Dexter come in again in January to check and got the green light. I have to stress Raymond who was unbelievably gracious said I probably would not need the dog again (he didn’t want me to incur any additional cost). These guys are honest and really want to help.

I can’t tell you how annoying I was with question after question and Raymond and at times Tim were terrific. When it’s all said and done the move and new furniture had cost me so much money and stress so while some say they may be expensive in the long run they would have saved me $25,000 if I had used them in the first place. You get what you pay for and these guys are wonderful.

There with you every step of the way

A Google User


All I can say is that if you got bedbugs give these bugbusters a call!!.. awesome customer service who is there every step of the way with you and know exactly what their doing and what their dealing the. Thanks a bunch again M&M keep doing what you guys do best!!

Job well done!



They were thorough, professional and always available via phone to provide guidance. They really understood how traumatic a bed bug infestation could be and were very helpful throughout the process. And, best of all, we’ve been bed bug free since they treated our apartment.


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