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We used M&M after we found bed bugs in our Hoboken apartment. They were thorough, professional and always available via phone to provide guidance. They really understood how traumatic a bed bug infestation could be and were very helpful throughout the process. And, best of all, we’ve been bed bug free since they treated our apartment. Also, their free insect identification service (ran out of their Lower East Side office) has been especially helpful in the post-treatment monitoring process. Overall, we couldn’t recommend M&M more highly.

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I want anyone interested to know just how much I relied on M&M Environmental and how excellent a company it is !

I couldn’t wish for a more reliable, friendly, helpful, professional and downright wonderful company to help me with my bedbug infestation.

It’s a disturbing situation to find out and have to treat for bedbugs, but from the very first contact with M&M Environmental, I knew my apartment was in great hands. M&M provided the most professional and caring service, from their recommendation for the canine inspection through treatment recommendation, treatment and all the help the office and staff provided in between.

I just can’t say enough how safe I feel having used M&M for my apartment. I trust this company implicitly. At times it was confusing and upsetting to be dealing with the problem, but everyone at M&M Environmental always provided superlative service and help; first, last and in between !

I couldn’t recommend this company more highly. If you want the best in service and success, you will do yourself a favor and you will never regret using M&M Environmental.

Only exterminators I would use!


I had a bedbug bite at the end of the summer, and then had my apartment building inspect and exterminate my apartment. The exterminators charged me so much money to pack and organize my apartment prior to the extermination. They exterminated my apt. two times and indicated that I still tested positive by their canine. Their canines were not NESDCA certified.

I decided to hire M&M for a canine inspection that same day.Derek spoke to me for so long on the phone, and was so friendly and informative. Stanley, the handler showed up with Speckles. He was very professional, explained everything to me, and informed me that I didn’t have bedbugs any longer. I plan on using M&M every few months to inspect my apt. because I the past few months dealing with this issue has been mentally and financially draining. I would highly recommend them.

M + M is Trustworthy Pest Control in NYC



We were freaked out when I found a bug in my bed – I was sure it was a bedbug, But as a public health professional I was aware that there could be outfits that would take advantage and do a job we dont need.

I saw that M+M had a bug ID service , one of the few in NYC ( at no charge ) and called M+M . Raymond was very helpful and I got the bug to them – the next day we spoke and ( whew!) it was only a spider.

Saved us a huge hassle , expense and they couldnt have been nicer or more professional.

Thanks raymond !!


Most Honest Exterminators in NYC



I want anyone interested to know just how much I relied on M&M Environmental and how excellent a company it is !

I couldn’t wish for a more reliable, friendly, helpful, professional and downright wonderful company to help me with my bedbug infestation

When I found a bug in my bedroom, I freaked out and found M&M online. I spoke to Adam who instructed me on how to take a close-up photo of the ugly bug and email it to him for identification. Within 5 minutes, he phoned me back to inform me that the bug found was a spider and not a bed bug. He calmly explained to me that the spider was harmless and that I had nothing to fear and that a canine inspection was not necessary.

I appreciate his honesty and him not up-selling me any service. When I do need an inspection for bed bugs, I will definitely call them in the future. Thank you Adam!



Really Terrific!



After reading their reviews, I had to call them. We have been try to get rid of a super bad mice problem for 3 months. Our landlord hired 2 companies and they tried to plug up the holes but the problem keep getting worst. Finally, we took matters into our own hands and found M&M. They were very professional on the phone and were able sent a team over the next morning. They spend over 3 1/2 hours pulling out appliances and sealing up the holes. Finally, a company that knows what they are doing! The downside is that they’re not cheap but at least we don’t have to live like animals anymore.

Thank you!

M&M were so helpful



I got their name from a friend,she said they were very professional and knew what they were doing.

I was at my wits end when I spoke to Derick at M&M.My new neighbor was infested with bedbugs and sure enough they soon took over my apt .I was getting no where with the building management treating the building properly.I couldn’t deal with the stress, I wasn’t sleeping ,its a long story but you get the idea.. I ended up just leaving as it looked like the nightmare was going to go on and on.All I had was a bag of clean cloths.I quarantined my laptop and a couple of other items which Derick kindly offered to have one of the dogs check if I brought the items to their office.Champ gave me the all clear on these items, thankfully.It meant so much to me after loosing everything else.Derick helped me so much the couple of times I spoke to him on the phone, And the staff were warm and friendly that day I went to the office.After all the trauma,it meant a lot to me.

On My Way to Peace of Mind



I wish I would have know about M and M Pest Control prior to moving. The nightmare began in June 2010 when neighboring units infected my apartment with bed bugs. The landlord was not proactive so I panicked and moved.

Had Champ and Danny come in to inspect new apartment in September and YEP I brought some with me. Hired M and M to exterminate and they did an unbelievable job. I had Dexter come in again in January to check and got the green light. I have to stress Raymond who was unbelievably gracious said I probably would not need the dog again (he didn’t want me to incur any additional cost). These guys are honest and really want to help.

I can’t tell you how annoying I was with question after question and Raymond and at times Tim were terrific. When it’s all said and done the move and new furniture had cost me so much money and stress so while some say they may be expensive in the long run they would have saved me $25,000 if I had used them in the first place. You get what you pay for and these guys are wonderful.

Good Customer Service



This company has good customer service and their technicians know what they are doing. Pauline was helpful and patient on the phone. I felt bad for asking her so many questions. I am glad I chose them. I recommended them to my friend and she is happy with their service too. Thank you.

Best customer service in the industry



Finding M&M was a God send after much consultation with other pest control companies. After speaking with Tim, (on a Saturday morning) I ended my search for a pest control company. He was so patient even though I had so many questions and concerns. He assured me that my family and I would get over this nightmare. He explained M&M’s treatment method, which was very different from what I heard before and made a lot of sense. He explained the behavior of bedbugs and I knew then that I needed to treat more than the source of the infestation in my daughter’s room., although other companies advised just treating that room. Within a day or so of speaking to Tim, I started getting bitten in my room so they had started to travel in my home. Thanks Tim. I am now bedbug free. Overall, M&M has great customer service and a program that really works. I highly recommend this company.

Great Service



I had just moved into a new apartment and realized I was not alone….I had some new roommates in the form of mice. Needless to say, I am new to NYC and this was something I was completely unprepared to deal with. I contacted M&M and they made an appearance the very same day. They were able to point out the weak areas and crevices behind appliances and on the baseboards and fill them with a sealant. They did a full sweep of the entire apartment and were able to avoid spraying pesticides everywhere, as I did not want to be trapped inside an apartment filled with poison for weeks. At the end of the experience, I felt extremely confident in the level of service that I was provided and have not seen any other creatures (fury or otherwise) since. Thank you M&M.

Solid Service


After careful research, we found M & M Pest Control. We chose them because they are certified to be environmentally friendly and that was very important to us. We have 3 children and a lab so poison and traps were not alternatives. We spoke to Shawn for 30 minutes on the telephone and she answered all our questions. The uniformed team that arrived was very courteous and efficient unlike the exterminators that regularly service our building. They diligently sealed all entry holes in our apartment and carefully moved the furniture and appliances back. We have been mice-free ever since and we are very happy we found them. Thank you!

Simply the Best!



My life have been a living hell for 13 months since being infected with bedbugs. Having the worst landlord in the New York City doesn’t help. Fortunately I live in a rent stabilized apartment in the East Village but that is probably the reason my landlord couldn’t care less about my bedbug problem. He sent 2 different, yet equally horrible, exterminators to treat the apartment but all they did was sprayed for 15 minutes and tell me to wait for the bedbugs to go away. Both came at least 3 times but the problem just got worst. I decided to bite the bullet and hired my own exterminator thinking that would solve the problem since they sounded knowledgeable on the telephone. Unfortunately, that was $800 I will never see again and the problem persisted for several more months.

Finally after doing research online and having speak to Dr. Lou Sorkin at the Museum of Natural History, I decided to contact M&M. They were exceptionally helpful and seem to have a completely different approach to eliminating bedbugs. After talking to them for 3 weeks, I hired them and all I can say is that they are simply the best exterminators for treating bed bugs. From getting bites every night to zero bites. They treated my apartment 4 months ago in November and I have not had a single bite since they completed their treatments. I could have written this review sooner but I wanted to wait to make there were no more bedbugs.

What I also like about them is that their program was very aggressive and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for the best in killing bedbugs, look no further and contact M&M.

Great Customer Service!



We found a small red bug that looked like a bedbug in our son’s crib. With everything in the media, we panic and started phoning every exterminator in the directory. We finally called M&M and fortunately someone was still in the office at 7:30pm. Realizing how startled we were, they offered to wait for us to bring them the sample to analyze. Our cab ride to the Orchard Street took 35 minutes and they waited patiently. To our display, the bug was confirmed to be a bedbug under the microscope. What came as another surprise was their free consultation as to what to do next. They even recommended that we contact our landlord and work with their extermination to save money which we did end up doing. While we are technically not their clients, we wish every company is as committed as M&M in helping people.

Smart, responsive, and completely professional

Jasyn L.


They have been incredibly helpful, even when it has been at no benefit to them (ie they do free pest ID- you would think they might not be so responsive or careful in their work, but they are amazing).

There with you every step of the way

A Google User


All I can say is that if you got bedbugs give these bugbusters a call!!.. awesome customer service who is there every step of the way with you and know exactly what their doing and what their dealing the. Thanks a bunch again M&M keep doing what you guys do best!!


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