Smart, responsive, and completely professional

Jasyn L.


They have been incredibly helpful, even when it has been at no benefit to them (ie they do free pest ID- you would think they might not be so responsive or careful in their work, but they are amazing).

Amazing customer service, knowledgeable staff, and EFFECTIVE.

Travis N.


They sealed up the entry points, set a few traps, and told me what was going on every step of the way. I felt assured and confident, and most importantly, knew that I didn’t have to worry about my dog getting to a bunch of terrible poison.

One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in NYC

Lisa M.


He spent 20 extra minutes with me just giving advice about useful preventative products and other helpful information without trying to sell me a single M&M service. They are also all about eco-friendly methods of ridding your home of pests which is always a huge plus. One of the most pleasant experiences I’ve had in NYC. Thank you M&M, Shaun, Stanley and Speckles!

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It doesn’t get any better than M&M Environmental



It doesn’t get any better than M&M Environmental if you have a pest problem. To have your 87 year old grandmother be tormented by bedbugs, it’s the last thing you want for her at her age. Bedbugs can wear you…

You saved my home and my sanity!



After years of unsuccessfully trying to rid my home of mice, I was about to give up when someone recommended M and M Environmental. I had many exterminators treat my home over the years only to provide a short term solution. Months after each treatment, the problem would resurface.

They’re the best!



They’re the best! I panic after finding a bug near my bed and phone them. Adam instructed me to take pictures of the bug and email them for identification.

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Use this company for the best results!



I want anyone interested to know just how much I relied on M&M Environmental and how excellent a company it is ! I couldn’t wish for a more reliable, friendly, helpful, professional and downright wonderful company to help me with my bedbug infestation.

Only exterminators I would use!


I had a bedbug bite at the end of the summer, and then had my apartment building inspect and exterminate my apartment. The exterminators charged me so much money to pack and organize my apartment prior to the extermination.

M + M is Trustworthy Pest Control in NYC



I saw that M+M had a bug ID service , one of the few in NYC ( at no charge ) and called M+M . Raymond was very helpful and I got the bug to them – the next day we spoke and ( whew!) it was only a spider.

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