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MyFoxNY.com, March 12, 2013

Can rat populations be eliminated by birth control? The NYC MTA plans to test a new product, known as “ContraPest” on the rodents in the subway system. It could sterilize the female rats who ingest it – but will it be ultimately effective? MyFoxNY enlists the opinion of our director, Timothy Wong, in this video.

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ABC News, February 22, 2013

Where are they now? The rats of New York, that is. While government departments and other organizations may disagree over the impact of Super-storm Sandy on the rodent populations in the city, M&M reports its own increase in concerned resident calls since  the event.

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New York Times – Editorials, February 22, 2013

Are rats moving into new, uptown territories? Because of Hurricane Sandy, many rats, similarly to humans, may have been displaced from their shore-lined homes, finding new grounds in never-before affected areas. M&M Director Timothy Wong shares his experience with these new travel patterns.

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CNN, February 20, 2013

In this video, CNN takes a look at the impact that Hurricane Sandy has had on rat populations all over New York. To learn more, they get help from the M&M office and technicians. Check it out in the video after the jump!

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ABC News Local, February 20, 2013

M&M is in the news again! This time, one of our technicians gives his input on the rat situation in New York, giving a first-hand account of the increase in calls and customers that he’s seen since Hurricane Sandy touched down. See ABC’s video for more details!

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New York Times, February 19, 2013

The city is calling for a new plan of attack when it comes to the rats displaced by Superstorm Sandy. Statistics show that resident complaints about rats have risen throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn. However, what actions should be taken is not as clear-cut as the numbers.


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NBC New York, February 13, 2013

Follow one of M&M’s own technicians in action as he surveys the rat infestation in a lower Manhattan basement with an NBC New York news crew. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, local rats seem to be expanding their activity into new areas. Play the video for further information!

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New York Times, February 6, 2013

Following Hurricane Sandy, the status of New York City’s rodent populations seemed uncertain: would they be drowned in the subway tunnels, or survive off the trash scattered around affected streets? Now, several exterminators say they know exactly what happened to the rats: Driven from shorelines, the rodents came inland, in droves. Timothy Wong, a managing partner with M&M Environmental, a pest control company on the Lower East Side, said rat complaints began to soar after the hurricane and have not let up yet, partly because the wintry weather is driving the rodents indoors.

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Bowery Boogie, March 22, 2012

Apparently volunteer gardeners charged with maintaining the park are teaming up with local business and Orchard Street exterminators M&M Environmental to help eradicate the pests.

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ABC News, March 19, 2012

It’s not only mechanics who handle the mobile rat’s nest. Timothy Wong of M&M Pest Control said they often are called in to rid vehicles of pest problems.

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AOL News, March 7, 2012

Many people oftentimes are forced to make sacrifices for their careers. Meet Danny Camacho and Herbie Yan, two employees of M&M Pest Control that live with colonies of live bed bugs in their homes, which must be fed on their own bodies. All in a days work for these bed bug detecting canine handlers!


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Martha Stewart Living Radio, February 29, 2012

Everyone deserves a safe and healthy home, but how do we make sure that pest-free continues to be part of that equation? Timothy Wong joined the morning hosts on Martha Stewart Living to share tips with listeners on how to accomplish this in an eco-friendly way.

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Habitat Magazine, January 3, 2012

Tim Wong, director of M&M Pest Control, says standard bed bug extermination of an apartment costs between $700 and $2,500. He says Fume Cube-style fumigation could be appropriate with very extensive infestations or when the infested objects include things very difficult to treat with heat or chemicals, such as paintings or electronics.

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The Lo-Down, December 19, 2011

Who knows the Lower East Side better than original resident, Timothy Wong, Technical Director to M&M Pest Control? Learn about Wong’s recommendation on where to get the best slice in the hood as well as his favorite LES memory here in this Q&A that was featured in the My LES section on The Lo-Down.

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Mit 80.000 Fragen um die Welt, November 9, 2011

M&M makes international waves with our appearance on German TV’s NRD in a program translated as ‘With 80.000 Questions Around The World.’ Click the video link below to learn M&M’s answer to why New York is the city that never sleeps.

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Time Out New York, October 7, 2011

What questions should New Yorkers be armed with before signing leases to new apartments? Time Out New York spoke with experts at M&M for their apartment issue to learn more.

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BrickUndergroundNY, July – September, 2011

In these blog posts for NYC living and apartment hunting blog, Brick Underground, different M&M employees contribute helpful advice and information to these relevant stories and columns.

Possible glimmer of hope in NYC’s war on bed bugs

Natalie Raben, a spokesperson for M&M Pest Control, says that while bed bug calls to M&M are up 9% this summer (the same increase as during the previous summer), “people are calling earlier — particularly landlords — and there has been a strong increase in bed bug prevention from and for neighboring units.”

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Bedbugged! It’s not over till, well, it’s over

“I don’t know what they are talking about,” said Tim Wong, director of M&M Pest Control Inc., a leading NYC bed-bug eradication company, referring to reports of the tapering off of the bed-bug epidemic. “We continue to be busy and are seeing more reports from offices and other workplaces.”

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NearSay, July 11, 2011

Not everyone is finding the humor in the outbreak of bed bugs, but one pest control company is, and sharing it with you. M & M Environmental has taken a subject bugging most and used it to their advantage not only in their pest control services, but through goofy fashion.

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T Magazine, The New York Times, July 8, 2011

Have their own line of tees out, thanks to the New York City-based pest control firm M&M Environmental. Tags include: “Date Me I’m Bed Bug Free.” Hey, can’t hurt.

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Perez Hilton, July 8, 2011

Have you ever wanted to shout from the rooftops that you’re free of bed bugs?
Now you can, thanks to New York pest control company M&M Environmental.
M&M says the t-shirt line “was born out of the realization of just how difficult the introduction of bed bugs has been to our ‘social landscape’ (i.e. DATING)”.

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Racked NY, July 7, 2011

New York-based exterminator M&M Environmental is capitalizing on this bed bugs-invade-fashion wave by creating a line of hungry little critter-inspired t-shirts. For just $20, the un-infested can declare to the world (and possible-overnight guests) that they are sans bed bugs.

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Fashionista, July 7, 2011

There’s nothing sexy aboutbed bugs except not having bed bugs. At least that’s what NYC-based pest control firm M&M Environmental believes. So they decided to take a slight departure from the extermination business to put out a line of t-shirts so folks can advertise their availability and the fact that they don’t have bed bugs.

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The Lo-Down, June – July, 2011

Local Company Debuts Humorous Bed Bug T-Shirts

A Lower East Side pest control company is fighting bed bug fear with humor. M & M Environmental, 32 Orchard Street, has rolled out a series of amusing t-shirts and an accompanying web site.

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Pest Proofing with the Lower East Side’s Bed Bug Busters

But over the past couple of years, the company [M&M] has been a go-to resource for national and local newspapers and television programs covering the bed bug problem sweeping the city. No neighborhood has been left untouched by the bed bug epidemic.

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Crain’s New York, June 13, 2011

“This is like living in Florida and finding out insurance companies are now covering floods,” said Timothy Wong, the technical director for Lower East Side-based M&M Pest Control, who said his company had more than 355 inquires for bed bug infestations in May alone.

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NBC New York, May 25, 2011

That may work under lab conditions, but in real life it may be another story,” said Danny Camacho, a pest control specialist at M&M Environmental.

Camacho said some of the environmentally friendly sprays available at the corner store might subdue a bed bug, or act as a repellent, but chances are a few spritzes won’t make much of a dent if you have an infestation.

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Scientific American, May 2011

“Misinformation exacerbates the resurgence. As Wong explains, “The problem is people are fearful and when they panic, they employ all sorts of methods that make the situation worse.”

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Bowery Boogie, April 2011

“The Lower East Side and its notorious rat population makes a primetime cable appearance Sunday evening during the final episode of Human Planet, the co-produced BBC/Discovery Channel followup to Planet Earth. During one particular segment, camera crews follow local exterminators M&M Environmental, headquartered at 32 Orchard Street, as they fight the furry vermin.”

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DNAinfo.com, April 2011

“The pest problem is so serious — and, apparently, compelling — that filmmakers from the Discovery Channel followed Medina for an upcoming segment for the network’s new series “Human Planet,” which explores man’s relationship with nature and their ability to survive in extreme environments.”

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Wall Street Journal, April 2011

“Featured in the BBC/Discovery Channel series ‘Human Planet,’ pest control technicians from M&M Environmental took viewers behind the scenes to reveal what really goes on in the rat infested ‘City That Never Sleeps.’ “

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Racked, February 2011

Alexander Wang: Enemy to Bed Bugs Everywhere — In general, according to Timothy Wong, people are much more diligent about looking for bed bugs than they were a year ago. In the old days, retailers would only deal with bed bugs if a customer spotted one and complained. But now, people do weekly or bi-weekly inspections with dogs.

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Bloomberg, February 2011

“2010 was definitely the year of the bed bug,” Natalie Raben, marketing director of M&M Environmental, a New York pest-management company said at the conference.

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VOA News, February 2011

“Most experts say that trained dogs are currently the most reliable detectors of an early infestation. A trained dog can sniff out even a single bed bug, as in a residential test performed by a New York pest control company called M&M Environmental.”

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New York Vs. Bed Bugs, February 2011

“I don’t see anyone live-blogging the summit this year — here is M&M’s Natalie Raben’s take on the first day…

My Fox NY, January 2011

Jessie Cantrell: NY Bed Bugs

It seems like bed bugs are taking over New York City and comedy writer Jessie Cantrell is on the case. In an interview with M&M technical director, Tim Wong, Jessie ‘suits up’ to seek out answers to pressing bed bug questions.

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Brick Underground, January 2011

Thanks to M&M Pest Control for sending us a link to this hilarious bed bug “news” segment by Fox 5′s comedian-contributor Jessie Cantrell. Do bed bugs like rap music?

Watch and learn.

BrickUndergroundNY, October – December 2010

In these blog posts for NYC living and apartment hunting blog, Brick Underground, different M&M employees contribute helpful advice and information to these relevant stories and columns.

bed bugged! Goodbye Air Mattress, December 2010

“As the folks at M&M Pest Control pointed out to me, boxsprings can get extremely infested, because there are so many deep crevices for bed bugs to harbor in that it is difficult to reach them with treatment. Better to avoid that scenario altogether by keeping them outside the boxspring, they say.”

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Rules for Entertaining in the Bed Bug Era, December 2010

“Just as most of us may not sit on the subways as often as we used to, standing up and talking amongst friends may keep you safer in the long run, since bed bugs tend to favor the comfort of couches,” notes M&M’s Natalie Raben.

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Bed Bug Cure Predicted to be $200 million and 10 Years Away, November 2010

“Thanks to Natalie Raben at M&M Pest Control for alerting us to a rather shocking forecast made at yesterday’s Congressional Bed Bug Forum in Washington D.C….”

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Do Ultrasonic Mouse Repellents Really Work? , November 2010

“Raymond Lou, a director at M&M Pest Control, concurs that the devices are generally not effective. But he says he has personally seen them work on a short-term basis until mice become accustomed to the sound waves.”

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bed bugged! I shop for a Real Exterminator, October 2010

“Next I called M&M Environmental, which also spent a ton of time on the phone with me…”

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BREAKING! Horny Guys Don’t Mind Bed Bugs, October 2010

“Thanks to M&M Pest Control for alerting us to a CNN segment on whether bed bugs are ruining the sex lives of single New Yorkers…”

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Sirius XM, The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick, December 2010

M&M’s Natalie discusses the current state of New York’s bed bug problem with on-air hosts of Sirius XM’s OutQ channel, Larry Flick and Keith Price.

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Australian Broadcasting Company, December 2010

The Australian Broadcasting Company’s U.S. Correspondent, Lisa Millar, spent a day shadowing Danny Camacho and Champ, one of M&M’s canine teams, to put this piece together for radio.

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CUNY-TV, November 2010

This online news magazine introduces viewers to Champ, M&M’s bed bug detecting dog, showing him hard at work, finding his “bee’s.”

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New York Daily News, October 2010

Timothy Wong, director of M&M Environmental, a pest-control firm with a large bed bug practice, said bed bug inspections should be as routine as termite inspections in prospective properties.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t live in that place anymore,” Wong said. “People get the flu all the time. You just want to know how it was dealt with, and who treated it.”

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SvD, October 2010

M&M’s Natalie Raben was interviewed by a Swedish publication about her thoughts on bed bugs and their affect on the New York retail industry.

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New York Times: The Local East Village Blog, September 2010

Canine handler Danny Camacho and Technical Director for M&M Timothy Wong discuss the extreme growth that the bed bug side of our business has experienced. You also get to watch M&M’s bed bug detecting dog Champ hard at work, sniffing out bed bugs.

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The Daily Beast, August 2010

“America’s Hunkiest Exterminators” introduces you to the [good looking] faces behind that trusty M&M name.

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Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), From The Experts, August 2010

Our contribution to the CFDA’s “From The Experts” column offers thoughtful advice for retailers and designers looking for ways to combat bed bugs from reeking havoc on their stores and collections.

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BBC, August 2010

“US Braced for Another Rise in Unemployment Figures” is not exactly the kind of title you would expect for a story about the pest control industry. But stranger things have happened – and in this clip Tim Wong discusses the challenges he faces growing his pest control business in the correct way.

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CNN, August 2010

“Bed Bugs Bite New York” was featured with Wolff Blitzer on The Situation Room. CNN follows our bed bug detecting dog Champ to a recent job at a downtown senior citizen facility. Not only do we learn how Champ works, we also learn from director Tim Wong exactly how much this side of the bed bug business has grown in recent past.

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CNN Money, August 2010

In “Bed Bug Dog Sniffs Up Profits”, Champ ‘finds the bees’ in a downtown senior citizen assistance facility. Later on, we learn more from Director Tim Wong talk about the way he’s learned to grow his pest control business.

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The Guardian, August 2010

“Timothy Wong, technical director of New York pest control firm M&M Environmental, said his firm is getting as many as 75 phone calls a day from distressed bug victims…”

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SF Bed Bugs, July 2010

The funniest thing that was noted in the article by New York Magazine was the comment by Timothy Wong, technical director of M&M Environmental. “The dog is only two feet high.” That is both hilarious and very important.

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Rent Direct New York, July 2010

Timothy Wong, the technical director for Lower East Side-based M&M Pest Control, says his company now has 19 hotel clients, 50 commercial offices and 25 recent retail clients all receiving checkups. “They don’t want to call us when they have the problem,” he says. “They want to call us before it starts.”

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bedbugger.com, July 2010

Racked says Timothy Wong of M&M Environmental… told us his firm has handled over 150 calls from freaked-out Hollister customers in the past week. On inspection, the majority turned out to be free of the tiny bloodsuckers. With the media frenzy about the bed bug problems discovered last week at Hollister in SoHo and at the Abercrombie and Fitch store at South Street Seaport, it’s not surprising if some customers of those stores would call a pest management firm about inspecting their home.

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The Cut’s reporter tells Natalie Raben, Communications and Marketing Director of M&M Environmental (apparently not the firm that treated in this case)
“After you do your bed bug extermination, you can still have bed bugs, just dormant, not feeding, not biting you…”

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Crain’s Business New York, July 2010

Timothy Wong, the technical director for Lower East Side-based M&M Pest Control, says his company now has 19 hotel clients, 50 commercial offices and 25 recent retail clients all receiving checkups. “They don’t want to call us when they have the problem,” he says. “They want to call us before it starts.”

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Lead Counsel Corner, July 2010

According to New York Magazine, bed bug expert Timothy Wong, technical director of M&M Environmental, says the dogs are perfect for sniffing out a infestation in a relatively confined area such as that bugged in the VS store.

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bedbug.com, July 2010

As travel increases during the summertime so do bed bugs. Therefore, bed bug.com has joined forces with one of our NY distributors of SecureSleep products, M&M Environmental, and came out with a Summer Survival Kit.

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Business Insider, July 2010

What should you do if you bought something at Hollister or at the South Street Seaport Abercrombie recently? Toss whatever you bought in the dryer at high heat for 20 minutes, says Wong, adding that this is a good habit to get into whenever you buy anything. And if you’ve still got the shopping bag, wrap it up and throw it out ASAP.

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Racked.com, July 2010

Timothy Wong, technical director at pest-control company M&M Environmental, told us his firm has handled over 150 calls from freaked-out Hollister customers in the past week. On inspection, the majority turned out to be free of the tiny bloodsuckers. The likelihood of getting bugs from the store, he says, is slim.

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New York Magazine’s The Cut, July 2010

bed bug expert Timothy Wong, the technical director of M&M Environmental who worked with Moving Right Along to help treat Hollister’s merchandise and is intimately familiar with the case, says that the clothes are fine after undergoing fumigation in an off-site warehouse – that process is foolproof (and smellproof – you’d never know the clothes had been treated, Wong says).

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bed bug expert Timothy Wong, technical director of M&M Environmental, told us that the Victoria’s Secret should be bed bug-free. Cryonite “can work if the case is very limited,” he explained.

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A spokeswoman from M&M Environmental familiar with the cases came by to tell us a little more about bed bugs and show us the protective gear professional bed bug exterminators use when entering a bed bug zone.

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NBC News New York, July 2010

NBC’s Andrew Siff speaks with M&M’s Tim Wong to learn more about how and why the city’s bed bug population has increased.

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A Brooklyn couple shares behind the scenes on their battle with bed bugs with NBC’s Andrew Siff and M&M’s bed bug detecting dog Champ demonstrates his bed bug detecting skills for the camera.

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FindLaw, July 2010

“Timothy Wong suggests washing any recent purchased clothes before wearing. Even if bed bugs are not an issue, germs might be.”

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New York Daily News, Feb 2010

But some experts said the extermination effort was inadequate. Waiting a week to begin killing the bed bugs after canines tracked their location was a major flaw, said Timothy Wong, a pest control technical director at M&M Environmental. “It must be treated 24 to 48 hours after the dogs come in,” he said, “especially with a commercial premises like this where there’s heavy traffic, a lot of electrical equipment and no control of the environment.”

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Northattan.org, December 2009

Rachael Ray, October 2009

M&M’s Natalie tells her story to Rachael Ray about what happened when she found bed bugs in her apartment.

Watch Here

New York vs Bed Bugs, August 2009

I will never forget that Tim Wong of M&M Environmental supported all legislation considered by the City Council in February. It was a small thing, but meant everything to me.

So here is M&M Environmental, in an interesting marketing strategy for a pest control company — in itself a potent sign of the times we are living — taping interviews about the bed bug issues with New Yorkers on the frontlines.

M&M wants to promote their business by being a part of the public conversation about bed bugs? What we’ve always wanted is for everyone to engage.

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bedbugger.com, August 2009

There’s a nice recap of Tuesday’s National Pest Management Association 2009 Bed Bug Symposium in Newark, NJ on the M&M Buzz, PCO M&M Environmental’s blog…The bed bug war? It’s all about education, you know.

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bedbugger.com, October 2008

The only thing that may change such attitudes is a bed bug infestation on the premises — one that is unpleasant, taken home by employees, noticed by customers. And given time, the likelihood is high.

Stores with good reputations ought to care. It makes good business sense, in the secondhand trade, to care if your stock and premises have bed bugs…

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Time Out New York, October 2008

“This is definitely an item susceptible to bed bugs,” says Timothy Wong from M&M Pest Control (32 Orchard St between Canal and Hester Sts; 212-219-8218, mandmpestcontrol.com). He points to little red-black stains on the fabric, most likely the result of blood from bed bug bites. Ick. Wong pulls back the cushion to reveal unfinished wood — a favorite hiding place for the tiny terrors. There are no cracks in the surface for them to have burrowed into…”

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Theme Magazine, February 2008

In one restaurant we serviced, the owner put in a large walk-in fridge in the basement. But the basement was smaller than the fridge, and the owner just left part of the fridge popping out from the back wall of the room, leaving a pretty big gap. Before they called us, at least three whole chickens were eaten up every night…

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The Villager, September 2007

Timothy Wong, director of M&M Environmental, an exterminator on Orchard St., has seen demand for his business soar over the past couple of years, responding to more than 300 calls this year so far, a rise of 33 percent from the previous year…

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Cooperator, March 2003

“There are more advances in how (realistic) the owls and scarecrows look, including holographic eyes that look like they are following you, but eventually the birds get used to it and come back,” says Tim Wong, owner of M&M Pest Control in New York City. Newer owls have also been developed that move, and come equipped with realistic screeching sounds…

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